Has anyone tested: Manafont 3Mode XM-L Drop-In for $12,25

I need a new XM-L Drop-In and find this:

Manafont 3 Mode High, Mid, Strobe for $12,25

Mode: High, Mid, Strobe for $12,25

It's not a 5 Mode blinking Drop-In (I do not like the blinkmodes, but one could be ok).

It has mode memory.

Both reviews are written in Feb. - one said: ".measured 1.7 a at the tailcap... .i'm very disappointed ", the other said: "was blown away by the brightness".

I know, that Manafont has the nice 3 Mode drop-In (high, mid, low) for $16,25 3 Mode Ultrafire XM-L drop-In for $16,25, but this one cost only $12,25.

Has anyone bought this drop-in and could tell us his experiences?

hey i'm the one who wrote 1.7a at the tailcap and was disappointed..

now I know a lot of guys get low amperage drop-ins are happy with them..but there was something off about this 1.7a driver..it wasn't bright at all..almost like the full load wasn't going to the led..I run most of my xm'ls on medium and they are about 1.4a and they demolish this drop in on high..I replaced the driver with a nangj 2.8a and am happy..I took the driver from this drop-in and used it on a xr-e r2 and it pulls around 1a off an 18650..the driver also has a delay when turning on and switching modes..the delay is about .5 seconds..

so in closing..there are better drop-ins out there and I was not happy with it in it's stock form..modified with a new driver it's great..but then we're just talking about a T6 xm-l and not the drop-in any more..

if you want a cheaper drop-in get the 5 mode that's paired with the 501b or 502b at manafont..old has tested the driver it has and it pulls 2.6-2.8a..

lol i just got the other one

kinda a pisser $4 difference , wonder if you can disable the flashy on it

itys not a bad feature to have but all the clicking ....

I do not want to disable the flashy. It has only one flash mode, not two as the 5 Mode. One could be acceptable.


Thank you for the information. The idea to change the driver is also a good idea. I have 2 Nanjg here and I will measure my XR-E how much A they get at the moment.