Has Thrunite pulled the Neutrons?

I was just browsing the Thrunite web site and noticed that there is no mention of the Neutron 1A v2 or 2A v2.

I was keenly interested in those lights, but reports of problems led me to hold off ordering. Has anyone heard if they’re discontinued, or if there has been a recall?


That’s odd - maybe they were doing some work on the site when I looked!

always wanted these but also held off due to reported issues.

Ditto, which is a real shame because based on comprehensive reviews it’s one of, if not the best 2AA/1AA/1x14500 lights available.

I’m still tempted to get one from Amazon and if it’s defective just rely on their returns/exchanges until I get a good one.

OK, you go ahead and get one, and let us know how it goes :bigsmile: I thought about getting one from Amazon, but then that money could have gone towards the EA11 or EC11 which I really want too. Plus I like flashy modes!

Alright, I’m on it! :slight_smile:

After a few more lights sell I’ll start the adventure.

I’m curious about the logic here. If a local restaurant had pretty consistent bad reviews, would you keep eating poor quality meals there while you hope to get a good one?

Speaking of reviews, there are so many reviewers on forums and on YT that are getting free Thrunites and test only Thrunites flashlights to the exclusion of all others, that you have to be skeptical when they have nothing but great things to say about every single Thrunite they have ever used.

Besides Amazon’s return policy, Thrunite itself was a replacement clause in their new and improved warranty, but really, how much aggravation are you willing to endure? How much time are you going to invest shipping stuff here and there?

BTW, I own a Neutron 2A V2 which I purchased to run on a single 14500, but it is very temperamental when you try to run other battery types/configurations to the point of not working at all. This makes it a lot less versatile and that versatility is one of it’s supposed best features.

While it is indeed quite awesome the way I run it, I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy one.

curious here - are u saying yours runs problem free on the 14500?

do you know if the problems were only with the 2A, or the 2C as well?

(not sure why I bother with either as the Nitecore EC11 and EA11 are probably superior lights, IMHO) but not without issues as well :wink:

The main review that influenced my decision was Selfbuilt’s. Showing top tier output and efficiency compared to the rest of the pack… great modes/ui/quality etc.

I wouldn’t deal with any other return options, except for Amazon’s because it is so very simple. A few clicks, new one is already on its way, throw old one back in the box it arrived in, put a piece of tape on it, and put it on the porch. UPS dude picks it up and tapes a label on. New one arrives within 2 days of the few clicks. I think I could suffer through the minute long process a few times before giving up.

This is assuming that it does arrive defective, which seems about 30:70 in favor of a good one arriving. /shrug

Mine runs like a champ on a 14500, but has issue with single AA and double AA. Sometimes, if the AAs are super fresh, you can get it to work for a short time… usually. Regardless of the cell(s), you can usually get moonlight to come on.

As for Nitecore, that’s the one flashlight company that is on my permeant ban list, but that’s another long story

I agree that Selfbuilt is probably an objective reviewer, but since he gets lights for free, it is very possible his sample was cherry picked and a known good one before it was sent to him.

Assuming your 30/70 numbers are accurate, and going back to my restaurant hypothetical, would you eat someplace where you had a 30% of food poisoning? Why give money to a company that is producing something with a 30% failure rate? That seems like folly to me.

Even more so since you can get essentially the same thing from other companies that have better track records for producing reliable products. I mean, I tend to give a pass when the light is “budget”, but at $55, these Thrunites are not really budget. Mid-priced lights, in my opinion, need to be more reliable than 70%.

For instance, you can easily LEGO a 4/7s’ product that will have similar outputs (I have two such lights) without all the aggravation.

All I’m saying is once a light is over X dollars (for me, it is about $20), I don’t think you can just give a pass to companies for so-so reliability and build quality.

That’s more than fair to say. I suppose the risk vs reward in a $40 flashlight scenario is enough for me to try, in a restaurant case I would decline of course.

The qwarks are close with 14500 at double the price, but nothing that I have seen is close as far as 1x/2x AA is concerned (my primary use would be 1AA, maybe 2AA).

I hear what you are saying, but I will say, that shopping during a sale- like Black Friday- takes the sting out of buying a higher end light and while you are correct about the comparison when you exclude the use of a 14500, that’s the perspective i’m coming from.

And, honestly, if I were to risk getting a Neutron, as I in fact did, I think you almost have to use the 14500 to get max performance in the smallest possible platform. You could easily get the same or better performance out of an 18650 light as you would out a 2xAA Neutron. Why push AAs that hard in an unreliable light when only disappointment awaits you?

Running a 14500 in a 1xAA sized light like the ones we are discussing will make even a jaded flashaholic giggle. That same performance coming out of a 2xAA sized light… so what, lots of lights that size can do that.

But, what do I know- other than we all see these topics differently and that diversity makes the hobby fun.

Wow cone, so you can even lose LMH depending upon battery? My sample can’t reach Turbo on 1NiMH anymore, and does that stupid Li-ion protection shut-down thing with ~3V configs on Turbo, but last I checked, it at least runs FF/L/M/H fine on any batt config, and like yours, fine on a 14500.

Ya, it’s like dating a lactose intolerant super model.