Have anybody tried high CRI Nichia emitters? (EDIT BEAMSHOTS ADDED)

No, this is the warm white 3000K bin I got from LedRise. But still I have a couple of those 4500K in the mail.


I expect the 4500K to be good, really good :)

Got my 4500K Nichia 219's today. I put together a P60 drop-in real quickly with a 1.4A driver. And this LED is quite impressive, not in output (though it is certainly competitive with a XP-G), but the tint is very close to a true neutral. I'm not sure I believe the CRI numbers, but I have no way of measuring it. The Nichia datasheet claims 92 and a minimum of 85, but 4500K is the coolest tint covered and the other tints are as warm as 2700K. So I would guess the 2700 might be closer to 92.

I'll try to do some beam shots tomorrow night. Right now my LED isn't even centered particularly well.