Have anyone tried these Sibeile 18650 2000mAh batteries?

I saw these on ebay, ive bought the 16340 ones off the same seller and they seem fine,
just wondered if there 18650s are any good for the money! 2 for £7.99 delivered



The seller certainly has done a good job with giving lots of readable information on his listing, that’s a good start.

Seems like a good seller, it shows £7.99+4.50 shipping for me, though.

I bought some Sibeile batteries from this seller, and the seller was pretty good. He/she sent the wrong size batteries initially, and I messaged him/her, and he/sh sent the right ones and told me to just keep the original wrong ones.

However, I think that HKJ has a review on the Sibeile batteries and concluded that they don’t seem like IMRs:

I think I also asked about other sizes, and was told that they’re similar performers.