Have you named your Light?


haha, no, but moussaka is a very nice dish.


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
It’s a very common name in Greece, we use it all the time, especially while driving :smiley:

Do you mean M4L4K4?

I follow the name given by manufacturer. A bit tough when I have multiple units of similar models. But should be easier to think of names for them.

Big Bertha

That’s the one :smiley:

oh yes: he’s the name; Blazing fire glory burn your eyes out : that’s the Chinese version

My Dad always said "son, you're a good m4l4k4"

“Retina blaster” would be a good name for the brightest flashlight in your collection :slight_smile:

I thought about calling my DBC-05 “Dayum!”, that seems to be the first thing people who see it say. Although some seem to think it should be called Holy !

Triple XHP-70.2 making in excess of 20,000 lumens. This one has a head that started as a 3.17 lb bar of Tellurium Copper Alloy. It really came into it’s own when I paired it with a set of Samsung 30T cells, allowing a 48.8A tail current.

Although, if they were actually able to respond to their name being called, this one might show up to either of those names as well…DBC-07

Over a mile in throw, well over 2000 lumens, XHP-35 HD on 4 18650’s in a 4S carrier.