Have you named your Light?

The addiction has hit me hard with Flashlights. The most powerful of my flashlights, especially in size to power ratios, is my Emisar D4. Weird or not I found myself trying to come up with a personal name for my D4. I’m probably the only one who has wanted to do this so I take full responsibility for my weirdness. Do you guys have any suggestions?


No, but her name is Rachel.


I named my 6D MagLite “Charlene”, for obvious reasons.

After many flashlights I’ve finally named one so I can remember it’s non-name.
Convoy BD06 is Big Dog 06

I have a AR-10 that I named Biscuits and my C8F mounted on it is named Gravy.

My son named my Q8, Big Poppa Pump.

I’ve never thought about naming. Sounds not bad, though.
I used to own 4 cats, a mother and her 3 childs. They were with me for 4-5 years but I never named them! I feel like I’m the one who lacks some sense. lol

Never named my lights.
My bikes, however :slight_smile:
There was Robert :

Then Huguette :

And now Georgette :

We tend to name some important things with my wife, it’s a sort of tradition :smiley:
Our cooking robot (a Thermomix) is named Alfred, like Bruce Wayne’s butler.
All of our pets have names, of course (1 mouse, 3 cats, 3 chickens, 1 dog and 1 python) : Stuart, Onion, Bahia, Io, Marceline, Ernestine, Firmin, Leonard and Knacki
My wife’s car is named Marie
Even our son has a name ! :partying_face: Valentin !

You’re not a weirdo :stuck_out_tongue:

Seek professional help ...

I asked my D4 and he said "We no need no stinkin names " I didn't know his name was Pedro until just now . Seems not only are many of my lights clones . A lot of them are also illegal aliens .


Quite a while ago I showed my Thrunite TN32 to a very dear office colleague.
When I got myself (yet) another light, I told her and casually referred to The Big Guy she had seen before.
Knowing what I was talking about, she smiled and kept on working.

But a few I-want-it-just-because-I-am-a-woman co-workers became very agitated.
And tried to persuade her to file a #metoo complaint against me based on lewd behavior.
And if she was too afraid for that, they were happy to do it for her in the name of justice and womankind!
But my colleague almost wet herself laughing and told the gnomes to go somewhere else.

From that moment on I will NEVER again use a name for one of my lights, or any other non-living object.

I call my Emisar D4 (short 18350 battery tube) the “Noisy Cricket” in reference to Men In Black.

Everyone I show the light to agrees the name is quite fitting for how powerful, yet tiny it is.

I have to name all my flashlights because they are built from scratch and come with no name :frowning:

No, I’m sane.

Well, I’m insane …
… see 1st and last link below.

I just named my lights George, George, George, George, and George.

I guess that leaves your Manker Boney with the name: George W.

Sooo, even more craziness for flashlights is possible or, shall I say, probable…

Named my biggest light with a Greek word starting with "M" but won't go into details