Have you noticed your batteries getting dented terminals when stored in lights?

I’ve noticed the positive terminal on a 26650 has been dented inward by a cyclone c88, sanyo 18650 positive terminal dented by a convoy m1 and AAs negative terminal denting by a Dorcy flashlight.
I unscrew the cap form the cyclone when its not in use because i now have to use foil to charge the 26650 to make contact with the charger, the 18650s fortunately are a laptop pull so if they become unusable its no huge loss

Anyone else noticed this, is it worse on some of your lights then others?

I’ve noticed this with my flat top Sanyo cells. It isn’t significant to cause any connection problem however.

This seems to happen in my Convoy lights with unprotected cells. It doesn’t affect their performance however, so I’m not worried about it.

I have some dented ones too, I don’t care for it because it doesn’t harms the cell…
Also this is a good indication that the battery sits tight in the light and makes good contact.

I also have a pair protected panasonics which have dented negative sides.

A few of my batteries have dented negative terminals. Doesn't really bother me much since it's just cosmetic.

yup, my titanium NIMH D cells are dented from a 4 D mag.

Hasn’t seemed to affect them at all though.

ive seen this with the protected ncrb fastech cells… the negative end develops a little dimple on the pcb since the cells are a little longer than usual

doesnt matter as they still work fine and so does the protection circuit.

Yup, those are the cells that have the most noticeable dents.

I have a Panasonic 3400 unprotected flattop positive terminal dented by a Convoy C8 or Convoy S2. It’s pushed in so far that it can’t be charged by my Nitcore I2 or Xtar WP2. Luckily my Miller 102’s nipple is small enough to make contact with it.

Not a problem once it’s in any of my lights.