Have you ordered your BLF LT1 yet?

They did limit it to 1 per order, and 3000 total for the group buy. I sent my # on the list as well as my user ID when I ordered mine. Hopefully I can still use my other list# for my second, but not sure at this time.

Does anybody know how we will be able to know when to order to be sure we are getting a second run unit?

Anxiously awaiting codes here lol. My astrolux mfo1s is taking forever to get here as well. Must be a slow boat. Anyone notice eBay listing is 30 bucks more than Amazon?

Good thread, if people use it well it filters a lot of noise out of the lantern thread.

Just ordered one on Aliexpress. I’m not in the first 500 on the list but I anticipated on some first500people to want to wait for the 2nd batch :innocent: . I ordered but stopped just before paying, then the order appeared in my order history as unpayed. From the order history I contacted the seller for a discount mentioning my BLF name. An hour later the price appeared adjusted and I finished payment.

Aliexpress rules dictate the item to be shipped within 5 days, so I assume that Sofirn has stock at the moment.

Ordered today on AE and mine was shipped in a few hours after that.

I haven’t ordered mine yet , I have to get a code for the lantern with batteries, I guess it is a different code.
On another note, I have been getting emails since Wednesday from Coast to buy their lantern the EAL22.
In my opinion the BLF LT1 wins hands down.

I’m getting dizzy and confused with everything… :weary: Sorry if I’m being dumb but just can’t figure out what is happening.

What should I do if I’m on the list (3x) but want them with battery ?

My first one is within the 500 first.

Do I order only one for now and then wait for the second batch ?

Do I need to wait for a code ?

Buy it on ebay,ca ? Amazon,ca ?

My old and tired brain is melting…

Wait for the code, Sofirn are sending the codes manually , it will take some time to get the code, also I believe the code is good for one unit. You may not be able to buy more than one with given code at the group buy price, this is my observations based on what I read.

>> READ Post #7717 >>> *BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020) - #7707 by Sofirn
>> AND Post #7718 >>> *BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020) - #7708 by Sofirn

I hope this helps prevent further melt downs

Great questions. It’s not very clear. It sounds like you can just submit an offer on eBay.com with your BLF name and get one for $49.99 (USD) regardless of your position on the list. It also seems like you can only buy one for now.


Except the posts you refer him to don’t say what your summary says. He doesn’t need to wait for a code.

Unless they’re not accepting offers from people who are over 500 on the list it seems like anyone can get one via eBay if they’re on the list.

Brain fart, fixed.

What I understand is that you need a code for buying via Amazon, but not for buying via Ebay or aliexpress.

For Ebay and aliexpress, you need to wait with paying, notify Sofirn your BLF username, then Sofirn checks your name on the list, then the price is adjusted. Apparently Sofirn is ok with any place on the list, not just with positions in the first 500.

Yes, I wrote in circles. :person_facepalming:

Thank you Paul321

My order got updated to shipped

I think this hasn’t been answered directly yet, this is what I understand. Sofirn built up a first run of 500 units. Sofirn is limiting the purchase quantity to 1 per person for those first 500 units to allow as many different people as possible to get the lantern. Sometime after the next batch is made (or maybe even the third batch?) I expect those who are on the list for multiple lanterns will be able to purchase more than one at a time.

Other than possible ethical issues, there is no reason that an individual can not purchase one from Amazon (assuming they got the code), one from ebay, and one from Ali in the first 500 units. I won’t, as I would like to stick with Sofirn’s desire to get more people’s hands on this gem.

If I speculate on Sofirn’s perspective:

For a small company as they are, they invested a lot of time, labour and money in the lantern, and perhaps they may even go bancrupt over the lantern if it fails. But given that they went with almost everything that Den and BLF wanted from it, they really must have trusted BLF that this lantern is worth developing the way it is made now. Mind that Sofirn is not build around flashlight fanatics, like Foursevens or Emisar or Convoy, they can not beforehand judge new developments on their value like those other companies can.

But now that the Lantern is ready and they have also invested in 500 pieces, I can imagine that despite the trust they feel uneasy about the investment, so I can understand if they are not 100% concerned about selling in the precise order and right timing desired by BLF, but also a bit concerned about getting the 500 sold at all whichever way, getting them already part of their investment back. Later with batches 2 and 3, having some money back in their account and having found that the sales go well they will relax a bit more.

I think that also they are simply trying their best to do it the best way that they think BLF wants it. But perhaps people in the lantern team are actually informed while I am just speculating.

The second quote is of me a few posts above. It is also my paraphrase of Barry’s statement in the team chat as to why they wanted to limit the purchase of the first 500 to 1 per person.

There are way more than 500 people interested in purchasing this lantern. Some want to wait until colors are available. Some (me) wanted to wait until colors are available, but bought one anyway.

The precise details of what Sofirn’s factory can do and how they project-plan their capacity are commercially sensitive information. I would be very surprised if any company ever discloses information like that on BLF for their competitors to see.

As I understand it, Sofirn already have 500 units of the LT1 in stock right now, with manufacturing of the second batch currently in progress.