Have you ordered your BLF LT1 yet?


Just curious has anyone else placed their order(s) for the BLF LT1 yet? I just placed it about 30 min. ago, the provided code works. Got the one w/o batteries.

Did not receive a PM with instructions or the code yet, it will come, no hurries.

Not sure if I can openly tell the price I paid for…

No code yet…

Listing says this;
Get it as soon as Nov. 6 - 29

Pretty much One month + delivery time possible, just be sure your are OK with them holding your money for that long.
We get so used to seeing something with the word Amazon and think, Great! 2 days, but not in this case.

Will order one but not yet.

I waited awhile before pulling the trigger. I am really hoping the first batch doesn’t have glitches. Sending it back to China for repair is a PITA.

I made an offer on eBay like they said since I wanted the ones with batteries.

Just a heads up, Amazon charge me almost $5 for tax.

Californians are special.

No tax on mine

eBay charged me 5 bucks tax too. CA needs money!!!

I just bought mine and as a Californian got charged tax…

Is it being shipped from California?

The Group buy prices are listed in the BLF LT1 topic :smiley:

No it’s being shipped from china, expected delivery is near end of November.

Ordered on Amazon around 12:30pm EST, no tax.

Great to hear you got your order in :+1: i remember you were the member who noted to me about creating a BLF lantenr project 3.5 years ago. (that is still in the LT1 main topic post) :smiley:

Not only CA there are more than 10 countries have to pay sale tax already!

Yeah, that's not cool then.

Yep, have not been very active the last couple years and I looked up Kronological and it looks like he has been gone for 1 year 7 months. Lots of crap been going on in my life. Think I have 6 or 8 reserved and was planning on buying them all unless there is some kind of limit now as happened with the BLG GT. Since I got you in this, if there is anything I can do let me know.

Offer submitted on ebay as per instructions. Looking forward to getting this now, should make a nice little xmas gift from me to me!