Having trouble with GearBest and Lightmalls

Has anyone had trouble with either of these two?
GearBest claims several orders shipped before the Chinese new year yet nothing has arrived. One order goes back to the 10th of January.
Lightmalls has several orders “processing” for a couple weeks now.
Many inquiries go unanswered.

Both companies charged my credit card immediately when i placed the orders.

On a good note, Fastech and Banggood appear to be legit and have shipped items I purchased promptly. I had a very good experience with Fastech.

both eshops have very bad reputations….no wonder,that you dont have your orders…btw.lightmalls is dead eshop…dont know nobody,who buy there…

If only you joined before spending money

I paid with paypal so I can get refunded. Just very frustrated.
What about GearBest. I ordered some Pan NCR18650b’s from them back in Nov ’15 and got them in about 15 days.

https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/26024 ;)

Anybody use DH Gate?

Yes people have had problems with gearbest.
Yes some order can take up to 6 weeks to arrive.
I have never dealt with lightmall, their website looks odd.

The company doesn’t charge your credit card immediately, PayPal does. It’s not like Amazon where your order isn’t charged until it’s processed.

Have you tried tracking the order? They gave you a tracking number right?

If you had problems with gearbest then I can’t imagine the pain you’ll go through with DHgate. It’s like if you took the worst sellers of aliexpress and put them in a separate site. However some people swear is it the best site ever.

Both companies do not issue tracking numbers for “surface mail” free shipping. I’ll wait two weeks and then file a complaint through paypal. I know they can take forever to ship. I also know the chinese new year slowed things down.

I had a delivery arrive today from GearBest, it was ordered on 23/1/16 so has taken a month to get to me in the UK.

I had a light delivered from Gearbest today that I ordered on the 2-19-16, it actually arrived pretty quickly.

Wow 4 days ?

ordered knives on Gearbest and most of arrived with flat rate/surface mail in less than 16 days. So pretty good. XFL carrier.

I dealt with light malls back in 2012 from someone who was saying what great c8s they a Captain Chris Zhou who disapeared, I did order one of his xmlu3s he reviewed and theu ended up sending me a whole case of 12 I never odered.Gearbest my son ordered an olight that burnt out 2 weeks after he got it,he filed a dispute and they refused to replace or repair it.

No problems with gearbest other than the slow tracking updates. The tracking for my LiitoKala charger finally updated today and shows it reached Cincinnati on May 23rd. I will never use the ‘Direct Express’ option again. It uses FedEx SmartPost. Yet another package that will take over two weeks to get to the Cleveland area routed from Indianapolis, IN to Chicago to a hub in PA and finally to Cleveland.

Update: Package left Indianapolis and is scheduled for delivery 6/4. Can’t blame gearbest for a package that gets from Shenzhen to Cincinnati in three days then ten days from Cincinnati to Indianapolis.

Yeh, this is my first order thats gone wonky with GB. Only order that came into the Lower 48 via Alaska! Then to Cincinatti. It’s been 11 days and it ain’t movin on the tracking. From what I can gather it now looks routed for Kentucky….what a crazy routing to Texas by going 3/4 the way to Upper Eastern US Coast to get to Central Deep South. :smiling_imp: And this FedEx Smart Post routing SUX.

ETA: It’s been in the US for 11+ days… No estimated date of arrival. No updates for last 11 days…WTH? :rage:

2nd ETA: Movin’ again…I swear, it’s like they treat a Priority Direct Mail Service like it was Media Mail or less. Laughable. No reason a package should sit 2 Dam Weeks before it’s picked up and movin again. You’d think there was stinky Crap in the package with the way it’s been avoided.