HC 389 battery?

I am looking for a 389 battery for my tiny SAK; most of the ones on Amazon are alkaleaks; is there a battery in this size with a no leak chemistry?


Seems to be silver oxide chemistry, not sure if they’re inherintly leaky, I note on a sales page for Varta, they claim leak free. I guess if sites are advertising alkaline move on and find an original.

Alkaline should not be advertised with the “3” digit…that’s supposed to be reserved for silver oxide. You can buy these almost anywhere in retail stores for about $4-$5 each (ripoff)…Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, many auto stores. Generally can get them for about $1.50 each, give or take, ordering online, especially if you get multi-packs. A jeweler/watch shop may charge you $8 for them. The 390 is the exact same size with lower current delivery (slightly) and ever so slightly less capacity…not sure why that one gets both monikers nowadays or what the history is there. You can also search 1130SW or 1130W (and/or add SR to the front of that…that means silver oxide). The SW is a lower drain version while the W can deliver a little more current for circuits that need it. Duracell, Energizer, Maxell, Varta…all make it in different versions. I’m really not sure what the HC is on yours and can’t find any reference to that past or present…maybe high capacity calling for the lower drain cell…which would be at odds with the 389, but…? I’d just pick up a silver oxide one(s) for a good price and call it done. The difference really is pretty minimal and this is just doing a tiny emitter, right? Not like some devices that might be more particular about it.


I’ve never seen a silver oxide leak…suppose it’s possible, though. I do know that if you tear them open and expose them to oxygen there’s a good chance you’ll start a fire if they are in contact with combustible materials, like in a trash can. :slight_smile: Also, be wary of the many super cheap china versions of these…not uncommon for them to be labeled silver oxide but in fact be alkalines.