HD Video Review of the Olight S20R Baton - Courtesy of Banggood

I received the Olight S20R from Banggood for the purpose of review.

I've gotten to where I would rather do a video of it, than photos, but here are a couple photos of the light.

Here is the link to Banggood. http://www.banggood.com/Olight-S20R-Baton-CREE-XM-L2-4Modes-Rechargeable-EDC-LED-Flashlight-p-948418.html

I'm having issues with both IE 11 and Opera, so links don't do what they should. Neither browser works right any more with the forum posting.


Product name: Olight S20R Baton CREE XM-L2 EDC LED Flashlight
Brand: Olight
Model: S20R
Emitter Brand CREE
Emitter Type: XM-L2
Light color: Cool white
Material: Aviation grade aluminum body
Mode: high,middle,low,moon
Battery Configurations: 1 x 2600mah 18650 battery(included)
Switch Type: clicky
Switch Location: body side of the flashlight
Impact Resistant 1.5meters
Brightness: 550lm,120lm,5lm 1LM
Range: 118 meters(max)
Runtime: 2h(high),9h(mid),120h(low),480h(moon)
Lens: anti-reflective coating lens
Reflector: Special designed smooth reflector
Carrying clip: included
Waterproof: IPX-8 waterproof
Color: black
Weight: 52g without battery
Size: 108.5 x 23mm(length x body diameter)

1.Stainless steel head ring can bear higher impaction
2.high efficient drive circuit, compatible with any rechargeable and non-rechargeable 18650 battery
3.Automatic memory function can memorize the brightness level while off.
4.There is a lanyard hole in the tail which can pass through fabric strap with diameter of 2mm.
5.Battery reverse polarity function guards against improper battery installation
6.Comes with 1 x 2600mah 3.7v rechargeable battery and a charger base for convenience use.
7.With strong magnet in the end of tail, the flashlight can be stick on the iron surface. The magnet can be removed and replaced by users.

18650 battery:
2600mah 3.7v rechargeable lithium battery
More than 1000 charge-discharge cycles high quality lithium battery
With protection board function for protect the battery from overcharged and discharged.

Package included:
1 x Olight S20R Baton CREE XM-L2 EDC LED Flashlight
1 x 2600mah 18650 rechargeable battery
1 x Charger base
1 x USB cable

It is a very nice light, but BG needs to do a "special price" on it. It is not worth the asking price of $69.95

Sorry, I have to call it as I see it. Nice light, and even better at $49.95 or at least lower than the standard price, but the price is high because it has it's own specialized USB charger and comes with an Olight battery too. I know they put a lot into it, but I just cannot justify the cost, for what you get. Enthusiasts like us would drop the charger and battery and charge in our own chargers. I hope they can come down on the price for BLF members.

I get nothing out of this review, except that I get to give the light away to one of you members. Just FYI. Links are non-affiliated.

Thanks OL. Its a real nice looking light. It looks like a keeper as you can charge your mobile phone from it.

Nice review. :slight_smile:
However the charging cable is completely backwards as compared to pretty much all other USB charging devices, as all computers have the full size USB-A (female) port, and not the micro port. ( phones, MP3 players, cameras, other lights, etc. have the Mini or a Micro plug on the device, and the full-sized USB-A (male) plug on the other end to plug into computers, wall adapters, car chargers, etc. it looks like a major screw-up on Olight’s part.

“Edit” - - I just found when i looked it up, the base as two ports. ( one small Micro port for the charging cable, and the large port is an extension for other accessories to plug into.

I was wrong. Its not a keeper. Again thanks for the vid.

I hope they don’t discontinue the classic S20, which I find much nicer.

I guess it’s so hidden that I never saw it. Man, I’m getting bad.

Looks like a nice light for a starter or non flashoholic.Good light and charger in 1.
Nice review!

Thank you O-L. Really like the clean look and styling of that light.

Great review sir!! I was going to point out that it did have the other port, but DBSAR beat me to it.

I quite like this series of light especially for how compact they are (the S20 in particular), but as you said the price is a little steep. And if you already have other 18650 lights you probably have cells and means for charging them, so the battery+charger+light may get a little redundant.

Thanks for the review, really appreciate it!

Good review.
I like your calm voice :stuck_out_tongue:


is it safe if I replace the stock batteries to Efest un-protected 25A cells to s20r?