Headband for flashlight

Looking for a budget headlamp/flashlight combo for a group of outdoor camping enthusiasts.

By budget they mean around $20.

I searched around and this seems to be a feasible headband, price is right around $2 for the headband so there would be plenty left for a great flashlight and battery/charger.

it can be used with a flashlight with around 1 inch diameter (22-25 mm)

No one seemed to comment in the recent years so I wanted to know if anyone has purchased and used it?

I was wondering if this setup on the temples spills a lot of light in the eyes and blinds or annoys the person?
Your Right eye would be kind of in front of the lens I assume 2-3 inches diagonally away

Also I would appreciate suggestions for the actual flashlight (around 1 inch diameter) but I guess I will open another topic in the 18650 category. :slight_smile:

People who wear spectacles can have problems with these if some of the light scatters off the back of the spectacle lens and glares into the eye. I don’t know about non-spectacle wearers, though.

I have one of these and it works good!

Wowtac A2 $19.99 on Amazon, and it comes with its own usb battery/charging cable!

I like that headband, what flashlight do you use with it?

Only thing that bothers me is that Banggood doesnt mention what size of flashlight fits with this headband.

very good point, thanks for mentioning it.

that looks great, :slight_smile:

Will check the reviews. hope this can be used as a flashlight too.
I like that it has options for different tint and LED
Cool White CREE XP-G2 LED
Neutral White CREE XP-L V6 LED

I’ve used this with stick style lights like the BLF A6, Convoy S2, etc… Works fine. I like that it allows you do adjust the aiming angle, something that isn’t easy if the light is side saddle on your head.
That being said, I think you’re better off with the WoWTac (Amazon.com) although I’ve never used/owned one. I have a lot of angled headlamps, though and prefer them to using stick style lights in the band listed above.
BTW, I also have a couple of the green headbands in your OP. They work better with angled lights (Nitecore HC30, Skilhunt H15, etc…) than straight lights because you can’t adjust the vertical aim point very well.
Good luck!


in your experience what LED do you prefer in your headlight?

If I am correct BLF A6 has the XPL-HI
and Convoy S2 has XM L2

Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than myself will chime in. I’m not really all that finicky when it comes to emitters and while I generally prefer neutral tints, I’m fairly tolerant. That being said, of the A6 and S2, my preference is the A6. The S2 has a cheesy clip and I prefer the interface on the A6.

My bad, I assumed the A6 has an XPL-HI but it is XPL so I guess the throw will be similar to Convoy’s XML2

I Appreciate the input. You are right the interface equally important

The biggest light I have used with that headband is the Sunwayman C22C (18650) in the front loop when using the side emitter... You could probably wear heavier lights but not as comfortable...