Headlamp/headlight recommendations wanted

im new here but is boruit a good brand? i have their 4000mah 18650…seems kinda sus

It’s a great light and it’s ten bucks

punches way above it’s weight class

Great budget lights for the money are the reason the forum exists

take the time to read what a 100 members who have one think about the light.

I wouldn’t trust that battery, since they definitely just grabbed a cheap Chinese cell and wrapped their name around it.

But in terms of flashlights, Boruit’s a decent budget brand - lots of features for a low price. They’re the same manufacturer that makes the D25S and S11C lights that Sofirn sells, in case you wanted other examples to look up.

ohh, so sofirn rebrands another manufacturers lights? i thought they make their own…

Well, most of the lights Sofirn sells are designed and manufactured by themselves. These are a couple of lights that are exceptions - lights that had an interesting design, so Sofirn had them manufactured with a customized LED/UI.

They’ve got another headlamp like this planned, with a red and white LED: [77outdoor] High CRI + RED 660nm dual led headlamp D25LR

I ordered the Sofirn/Boruit D25S from Amazon on Saturday and got it Sunday. I used the Sofirn discount code and checked the $2.00 discount box and got the light for $19.59 before tax. It’s a nice headlamp.

I ordered the Boruit D10.

If I don't like it, I'll give it to my family.

They're not too picky about tint like I am.

If I can get a find a good deal, I might order the Lumintop HL3A for myself.

I wasn't able to use a decent promo code for 11/11, (I didn't realize that the promo codes don't last very long) so I may have to wait until AliExpress has another sale.

Maybe my comparison would be helpful:

I will add SP40 later, but it is very good headlamp for the price.

Not sure how I missed it, but that’s an incredible headlamp comparison thread!

Damn raccoon!!! Almost 15000 posts and you can’t fix a headlight??? I bought 2 xtar warboy h3w’s for $30 somehow, about 2 years ago and I’m pleasantly surprised with them. 400 lumens at 4.5 hours and 200 lumens at 10 hours. My best purchase ever. For throw, i prefer my thrunite th10 or olight with the external battery pack whose model i can never remember. Thanks to you starting this thread though, I’m getting a d10 I don’t need.

P.S. don’t take offense to my post. It sounded funnier in my head

I don't fix lots of things that are relatively small, such as flashlights and headlights.

I tried to fix a couple of knives, and now those knives are trash.

I'm just not good at fixing stuff.

You should’ve seen what I did when I “fixed” my mother’s buick

The 4000 battery that comes with the D10 is absolute shit i measure both mine to 1100 before they were thrashed. But with a led swap and a good battery. Its pretty darn good

ya i also have 2 boruit batteries, the ratings are bullshit, and the tested capacity is low af…dont rely on those lol

what are people’s opinions on nitecore hc33? are there any critical flaws? so far this looks like the relatively “best” headlamp i can easily get my hands on, as in from amazon.ca lol

I received the Boruit D10 today.

It seems pretty nice, and the tint doesn't bother me.

It came from New York instead of China.

It doesn't say Boruit or D10 anywhere on the headlight.


Earlier today I ordered the Lumintop HL3A.

I hope I like it more than the Boruit D10!

I received the Lumintop HL3A yesterday.

It is very nice.

I love the smooth ramping.

I like it a lot more than the Boruit D10, so I gave that one to my family.