Headlamp/headlight recommendations wanted

My headlamp bit the dust, and my backup headlamp isn't all that great.

I don't repair headlamps/flashlights, so it's time for a new one.

This is what I want:

I'd like it to run on one unprotected 18650.

Warm tint.

At least three usable modes with no disco modes -- or some sort of ramping if the ramping is a reasonable speed.

If it were kinda throwy, that would be a plus.


Under $30 -- the cheaper the better.

I want to buy new, not used.

Not very heavy.

I don't care about High-CRI -- I'm more interested in minimal heat with maximum lumens.

PWM does not bother me.

What is a good fit for my requirements?

For sub $30, Wowtac A2S would be the a good choice solid performance for the price I have one as my backup.


It looks promising, but I don't think it comes in warm white.

(I still might get it if there are no better recommendations.)

Cheapest probably Sofirn Sp40 and Convoy H1

Both of those look good, but the Sofirn SP40 looks best for me (of the two.)


Sofirn SP40 is awesome

SP40 in one of the warmer CCTs would fit the bill. I don’t know about the tint though.

After using diffusion film for a smoother floody beam profile and to get rid of the hotspot and corona, the lack of high CRI is my only complaint. If you don’t care about CRI, it’s hard to find fault with the SP40, certainly for its price point.

It’s a great workhorse. Mine got a couple of scratches and dents from being dropped on concrete floors. No problems so far.

Did you try using a rubber band over the bezel to provide more grip? I got mine off without too much trouble this way, and didn’t cause any damage. If it’s really stuck, maybe turn on the light to heat things up a bit.

I got my sp40 bezel off pushing down with my thumb on rubber jar opener. Put some dc fix on.

15000 posts… no sp40? The horror

i also been looking at the sp40, havent pulled the trigger yet…how far does it throw?

lol im nowhere near as technical as you guys to swap emitters. i probably CAN do it if i really wanted to, but way too lazy

but 60m useful throw is still pretty damn good, i can use that to walk my dog

I'm hoping that the Lumintop HL3A goes on sale again.

Right now it costs about twice as much as the Sofirn SP40, so it's over my budget, but it does appeal to me.

If the Lumintop HL3A doesn't go on sale soon, I might order the Sofirn SP40 for 11/11 (on AliExpress.)



I've increased my budget to $40, so if you have a recommendation for a bit more expensive headlamp, that'd be welcome.

catch sp40 on sale, and buy it twice lolol

hm, that sst40 looks good…where do you buy emitters, and how much can i expect to pay for one?

this is getting a bit too overwhelming for me lol…lemme slowly ease into this world

I just reviewed the Wuben H1. It’s worth looking into. The primary LED isn’t warm, though I wouldn’t call it cool… perhaps just north of 5000K? Also has a floody, warm aux (high CRI) white LED for those times when you really need a gentle, warm light. “Sale” (?) price is $33


Wuben webpage

It ranks right up there with my customized Convoy H1

As a dog walking light I am pretty happy with the SP40. Mine is 4000k which is a really nice tint to my eye anyway. I think it is the warmest light I have. Seems to me it will light everything up to 50 yards very well. Mid mode is more than enough for city dog walking and separating the poop from the same color leaves. Occasionally I might go to High. Turbo is mostly novelty use for me.

Low is a mixed bag. Way too bright for a moonlight. Adequate for dog walking but if I am concerned about ice I will go up to medium as the low is a bit dimmer that what I would prefer. I prefer mid (actually low as it has a true moonlight) on my Ti3 V2 as the absolute best dog walking headlamp (bump to high for pickup;-). However, now that we are past cap season and into stocking hat season the SP40 serves that role. Clearly I don’t care about throw. Always have another light in my pocket for that if needed.

this is exactly what i needed to know…im also contemplating sp40 for dog walking purposes, esp in the winter when u wanna keep ur hands in ur pocket instead of holding a flashlight. 50 yards is nice, but i do wish it could have a dedicated throw mode to go maybe 100, thats all i need.

can i ask about the run time? like how long do u use it every day and how often do u charge it?

I’d recommend the Sofirn SP40 with dc-fix.

I had one for a few hours before returning it. The driver was faulty on turbo (strobed). But it was a nice headlamp. The headband was comfortable too.

whats dc-fix