Headlamp/headlight recommendations wanted

DC-Fix is your “fix” for:

  • Disgusting Cree
  • Diabolical Corona
  • ’Dat Coloration
  • Disproportionate Candelas
  • …. gimme a minute, I’m sure there are plenty more :smiley:

so basically just a tint upgrade

SP40 unboxing:

Sofirn SP40

I’m tempted to get the SP40 again. The green version looks nice. I liked the beam of the black SP40 on Amazon (5500K?).

It smoothes out the beam. It’s a diffusion film. The tint might still look a little green on lower modes.

beam shots, lets go!

Ah, you’ll need to check the video in the imgur album. I no longer have the flashlight.

I have the green SP40 5300K in my cart on AE for 11.11 day.

i was hoping for comparisons, but thats good enough i guess…how come u dont have the light anymore

Working hard to get to that 380, huh? :wink:

I’ve got a few beamshots here. Sorry, no real comparison beamshots.

i dont know what you’re talking about…im simply encouraging more members of this community to share their experience with good lights, sharing is caring, and more the merrier!

that looks pretty solid for dog walking id say…i think im gonna cop one

Skilhunt H04 RC 18650 LH351D HighCRI 4000K

Skilhunt H04 RC Mini 18350 LH351D High CRI 4500K??

It might be pushing the budget…

I got an M150 V2 LH351D High CRI recently. The UI looks the same. Group B is nice. You can enable/disable steps to have between 2 and 7 steps to ramp through.

Tint is around 4500K though. I’m not sure what the H04 RC Mini tint is like.

Not real sure on the run time. My gut says over 12 hours on medium. I use it for perhaps an hour or so a night. Frequently I use it on low but lately I have been using it more on medium. I know I typically go weeks between charging it. However, I usually have a 30Q or even a 3500 mAh battery in it. Haven’t used the built in charging since I got it and just did that to confirm that it works and terminates properly. It does.

Just pulled an old Tenergy 2600 mAh that I put in several days ago. Battery was still at 3.9V and at that age IIRC, its down to about 2000 mAh maybe 2200. So, weeks to perhaps a month in my typical usage. I did just do some projects and my wife used it for an hour or so on High resulting in the last charge only lasting a few days. Hope that helps.

hm…im most likely gonna be using it on high, so if i can get like a week out of it, then im happy, i usually only walk him at night for like 30 mins or so…

i guess i was being a bit optimistic. so if i use it on high, i have to charge it like every 2 days? lol

thats an interesting point…i dont like constant dimming, but look on the bright side, its not very noticeable at least?


That was quick. Could you list your process, equipment used, and maybe the steps you took? I’m really tempted, but haven’t done emitter swaps before.

Oh, right. Regulation is the other wish-list item, but somehow while working on things I never really notice the dimming until it shuts off or just before then when the battery indicator LED is flashing red. I’m happy that it has low voltage protection.

Sometimes I put it on turbo, stick the magnet to a surface, and forget about it until it shuts off.

Yeah, the more flashlights/headlamps I try, I’m finding that this is really a differentiator. It’s why some headlamps/lights are more expensive: better drivers.

Sofirn SP40 vs Convoy H1 vs Wuben H1

hm…i may be ok to live with that

damn that wuben looks ridiculously good…if i just put a 3500 battery in there, it would still be a straight line till the end right?