Headlamp/headlight recommendations wanted

The Manker E03H headlamp and inexpensive Sofirn C01S are regulated, IIRC, so the regulated lights are not always more expensive.

Ironically, because the regulation on the E03H keeps the light at one of the (high, medium, low) levels, the drops are very jarring as the battery depletes, while I don’t notice the slow decline on the unregulated SP40.

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Thanks for including all the details. It makes a difference for someone who’s never done it before.

In addition to sourcing the emitter, I would need to get some solder paste (most seem to have 1-2 year shelf life and suggest keeping refrigerated) and decide on a pan to sacrifice for this purpose. Sooner or later I just know I have to try this…

Looks pretty good!

I'm having trouble deciding on what to get...

The Wuben H1 is on sale at amazon.com right now, by the way.

its actually cheaper on BG with preorder price, but it just takes longer to get here lol

Banggood charges shipping, and Amazon doesn't.

Plus, Amazon has a 15% off or 20% off coupon.

(Amazon is cheaper if you do the 20% off coupon.)

Also, returns and customer service are much better with Amazon, so even if BG were a dollar or two cheaper, I'd go with Amazon.

oh then amazon.com is def better for u, unfortunately im .ca


That's about $36USD

amazon.ca really seems to have worse prices than amazon.com (in my limited experience)

significantly, in every almost case. the only time we get some perks is if they listed a new product in USD, but we buy it in CAD. thats about it. lol, we have less selection, higher prices. such a scam

Wow, $32 with 15% off? That’s a pretty legit deal. If I didn’t already own it, I’d be all over that. I didn’t even realize they had it on their Amazon store. You could do much worse for $28 IMHO.

ya if i didnt have to pay import fees, id be all over that too…

There's actually two listings.

One offers 15% off, and the other is 20% off.

That's about $25.60 before tax.

whats the difference between the 2?

Good question.

They look the same to me.

looks like theres only one way to find out :stuck_out_tongue:

Great thread! I’ve been using a Nitecore for years that has a variable brightness white LED and blue, green, and red auxiliary ones. But I recently for a 2000K Noctigon KR4 and I’m loving this color temperature.

Any suggestions for a high end headlamp? Like best of the best, cost no object, ideally with a warmer color?

Nice Gchart, pretty awesome chart comparison

My verdict is to Convoy H1, look at the Lumen line vs Temperature Line…I’m seen pretty well calibrated step down vs other. It managed squeeze out 750ish lumen for 40 mins and gradually adjusted below 750. The only downside I see is, its getting really hot, 85’c is the highest. I dont know that too hard, maybe for the battery life if it is expose to above 60’c. Unless the HL had manual temperature recalibration, that should solved. I think recall back, there is temperature reconfiguration…can remember though

15% off includes cell and usb cable.

i dont know man, the temperatures are significantly hotter than the other two, which never peaked past 55, but 84 is quite hot.

and yes, convoy had good lumen output for the first bit, but if u look at the X axis carefully, it goes down to 300lm ish around 100 mins, and completely dies before 140 mins, whereas the sp40 was at maybe 350lm at 100 mins, and remains above 250lm before min 180. so in the long run, sp40 is much better, 100lm is still useable output, and it can last past 250mins. wuben is better before min 160, but if you just want a really bright first hour, then convoy is better

oh thats a no brainer then, 5% of like 32 bucks is like $1.60, for a battery, and sofirn batteries are solid too.

It looks like the 20% off model is new for 2020 (part# 2020101602) as opposed to the 15% off one (part# H1). Their website also states “[2020 Latest] WUBEN H1 1200 Lumens Rechargeable Waterproof LED Headlamp” when buying directly from them so I assume there’s a difference. What it is I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have thought that the older model have the bigger discount but that’s not the case.