headlamp suggestions

Hi, I need a headlamp for running. It must be lightweight, waterproof and more or less comfortable while wearing on head. And budget friendly( funds are not really limited, but the cheaper the better!) The lumen output should be at least 300lm. Runtimes needed are at least 2 hours of non stop operation.
So far I have been thinking about this one Jetbeam HC20 Review: JETBeam HC20 headlight seems pretty decent, but are there any other worth mentiong? thanks!
Other possible candidates are NiteCore Cree XM-L2 HC50
CRELANT CH10 and Skilhunt H02
Thanks for all suggestions!

I have a Skilhunt H02 and I haven’t had any problems with it. I didn’t think I would like the diffused lens at first, but I have a new outlook on diffused lenses now. I does what it was designed to do and the diffused lens enables more flood which is what is usually needed in a head lamp. It has an electronic switch and a very simple UI. It lasts for quite a while on an Orbtronic 3400mah protected battery. I would suggest watching mhanlen’s video review of the H02.