headlamp that does not attract insects.

Hi BLF experts.

I really like using my little nitecore NU17, but I’m suffering from the bugs. Even with low lumens, the cold white of the headlight attracts everything around. And since I live in a tropical country, everything is a lot.
I need a headlamp with warm light 3000k to 4000k
to fish without being disturbed by moths, beetles and other creatures.

Any suggestion?

That’d still be a bug-magnet. You’d want red, amber, or very warm-white like 1800K-2000K.

Can you hook up a bug zapper near where you fish?

We have one on our front porch, and it zaps tons of bugs.

I have very few visits when using 2700K, but still some. Better than killing those little creatures might be placing a remote light in cw to keep your place free from them. Not sure if that works, but it’s worth a try.

The zappers use UV to attract insects, so I guess lower colour temperatures would reduce the amount of insects. Having said that, I use a paraffin wick storm lantern when camping and it still attracts moths and flying beetles. Even the campfire has the occasional moth fly in.

I don’t think a bug zapper is the answer. It simply attracts the local fish food population and kills it. Not ideal anywhere but a porch or butchers shop.

I stuck one of those yellow pill bottles over mine; as for skeets the only cure I’ve found is to slather up real good with repellent.
Like said, they are attracted to the co2 in your breath. Eating a clove of garlic might help but I’ve never tried it.
I live in S Florida where the bugs are numerous.