Headlamp, warm white (below 3500k), rechargeable, 18650(or bigger), exist ?

Hi. I’m looking for a warm white headlamp that is rechargeable, takes a 18650 or bigger battery form factor (max 21700).

Is something like that available anywhere, or is modding the only way ?


Skilhunt H04 RC High CRI?

Sofirn SP40 with 3000K Xpl


Thanks for the answers guys, i knew you would come up with something great, just ordered a 3000K Sofirn SP40.

The Convoy H1 also has a 3000K XM-L2 variant, though you may find the light a bit clunky.
If there’s a particular UI or design you’re attached to, I agree that modding is probably the best way to get what you want.

EDIT: But the Sofirn SP40 is a great light! So that’s a good choice in my opinion.

Yep the SP40 ticks pretty much all the boxes for this particular usage i have and it’s cheap as a bonus. :+1:

Skilhunt H04RC w/ ultra hi cri E21A group buy by Clemence