Headlamps/Right Angle Lights with swappable/replaceable battery tubes

I just wanted to start a list of headlamps/right angle lamps with swappable battery tubes for my and everybody’s reference. I only know EagleEyes X1R offering this out of the box. I find this format very useful for headlamps because most of the time I don’t need the runtimes and the weight of a 18650 battery in my head. Other times longer runtimes are crucial.

Suggestions welcome but I’ll only add those that have been tested to work. Mods are also welcome as long as parts are available for purchase. Heres a few in my collection:

  • Nitecore HC30 <=> EagleEyes X1R - no glue and no need for mods. Everything fits and the o-rings are nice and covered when assembled :+1:
  • Skilhunt H03/H03r/H03f <= Astrolux S1/BlfA6 shorty tube - Glued. Thread here . Apparently some S1/A6 tubes do not fit well but I had success with this.. Just add some thin 1 mm o-rings and you’re good to go.
  • Armytek Wizard Pro v3 <=> Elf C1 <=> Tiara C1 <=> Tiara A1 pro V2 - Glued. Wizard Pro tube works with Elf and Tiara C1 head directly but I had to add a little bit of solder to Wizard Pro driver to make contact with the shorty tube. Shorty Wizard Pro not particularly useful because of very rapid step down even in main modes. I think its the 18350 voltage sag when boosting to 12V but not sure. Clemence also sells nice clean 18650 tubes here . I’m curious about the Tiara A1 series and if the 18350 or 18650 tubes work with them as they seem to have similar sized heads and tail caps. A headlamp that can work with almost all common battery types (aa, cr123, 14500, 16340, 18350, 18650) would be a nice kit.
    Update: Just got a Tiara A1 pro V2 (aa/14500) and the 18350 and 18650 tube fits. :+1: . I outfitted it with quad e21as and its now my favorite headlamp/edc. Turbo output of around 500 lumens with LiIon and around 300 lumens with eneloop. I love the tint and the fact that I have the option for regular size, shorty, or thin and light. And lots of battery options. Would be useful for emergencies.

I think armytek should offer this tube swapping multi-battery capability as an option out of the box since they already have all the parts. This might make their headlamps stand out against the competition.

That’s very good to know! Going to seek a deal on HC30 now as it may weigh less than H03.

EE X1R shorty tube is quite substantial though and even heavier than stock HC30 tube.

HC30 stock tube = 43.6 g
HC30 X1R shorty = 51.8 g

H03 stock tube = 43.4 g
H03 shorty = 41.1 g

Both heads with Yajiamei optics and Lexel’s TA Drivers.

Wow. I noticed how X1R is heavy, but I didn’t think it was so bad.
Thanks a lot for the info.

thanks for doing this. I would like a 18650 tube on a Tiara C1.

You can get them from clemence’s store. O rings not included though.