Heavy Duty vs Alkaline

I found that the cheap Sunbeam 8/$1.00 HD from the Dollar Store last almost as long as alkalines.
Is there a greater danger of leakage or why are HD batteries never mentioned?

You may want to read Djozz’s review of the battery chemistry here:

For light duty applications, they work well, but they have less capacity and don’t handle high drain loads.

Heavy Duty, Super Heavy Duty, etc are low drain batts that hold a charge for a long time. Great for keeping out of light as backup for when SHTF. When they are spent, I like to take the carbon rods out of them for carbon arc welding/cutting, even though I have plenty real copper clad carbon rods. They give you a good sense of why carbon arc lights are so powerful. HD batts can leak too.

A little background.
I bought several 1 mode SS 1AAA lights off ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/272349071874?\_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

They would have been fine but the threads of about 80% of them were so shallow, short and poor that one could not install a battery and screw the tail on. I got a refund, but ended up with several that were OK if one was very careful to mate the threads.

I decided I would give away all but a couple of the OK ones and have been using Sunbeam alkys which cost $1.00 per 4. I was running low and when wife went to the dollar store asked her to pick up 4 packages of the alkalines. However they were out of the alkalines so she got the HDs.

I wondered how long they would last/burn, and put a couple in the cheap LED lights. As it turned out was pleasantly surprised with both the batteries and lights. The batteries lasted slightly over 4 hours, and still were slightly above moon mode. A Tank 007 e09 only burned 3 hours. I had expected the lights to burn at most 2 hours.

Since I gift a lot of single mode AAA lights the HD are fine for those lights.
I do not know the specs of the cheap $.99 + .50 shipping ebay lights, but I wish the threads were better. They have a longer burn time than any others I have, and seem as bright. The threads are a deal breaker, however.

I conclude that the Hugbsy XP 1 is the best cheapie available to give to those who only want to be able to see walking from the car at night and are not interested in various modes plus small enough to carry in pocket of purse.


Waaaay back, I had a car-alarm remote which used a 12V cell about the size of a ½AAA cell. Rat Shack had CZn cells for 79¢–89¢ or so. Would last multiple years, at least 3-5.

Of course, Rat Shack discontinued it, so I had to use the alkie version. 2-3bux at least, and only lasted a year or so. Practically like clockwork, would need a new battery, whereas before, I hardly had to think about it.

I cursed RS that day…

I use the cheap Sunbeam AA batteries in some of my Sipik SK68 clones and leave them around the house for the kids to use. They have a habit of losing my flashlights, leaving them on, etc. so if they lose or abuse these, no great loss, and no risk of fire, etc.