Heck Of A Deal On A Crelant 7G9

Well I was thinking about getting this, but decided against it. So I thought I would post it for someone else who might want it before it ends.


Its a cracker of a deal at first… At almost half price it seems like a steal i thought.
Then i placed my bid and shipping went from (free) to $47. And i was instantly outbid too. Thanks for the deal but im going to pass on this one… Shifty ebay sellers.

Here for 89 bucks, +15 for shipping to Spain (free to USA)

Crap, I won the bid! My wife will kill me!! My 4th order today, I'm OD'ing... Got it for $81, free shipping. Since the seller is in the US, I guess Australia shipping is crazy money. Mark at MD has a great deal for $99 on this light too. I was planning on buying the 7G5CS and V31A from Mark when he gets them in, oh boy...


Sorry Slewflash. I saw a bid for $80.95 but it looked like it came way after mine - I bid a couple of hours early. I was very surprised my bid held up - I don't think I would have went any higher, it was just a gamble.

Haha Tom that’s okay, it was better for you to win anyway. It’s just that I’ve experienced sellers who price things really low, then have bid wars (they use another account to jack up the price)to increase the price, but if nobody outbids them and the price is too low they cancel the listing and make a new one. The 1buycart or jincart2011 did this against me when I tried to get a cheap Trustfire X6 off them.

Seriously i don’t really bid for them. I just email them (ebay too) and give them a price. Sometimes they’d agree, most times they’d quite me a slightly higher price and the deal is sealed. Faster and you’d be surprised that you don’t save much more via bidding (and waste more time/effort/brain cells). :slight_smile:

Your welcome. I figured someone from here would buy that. I seen the bid after I posted this on here so I kind of figured someone had taken the plunge here. That was a very good deal I think.

If anyone wants a good deal on a 7G9, I’d do $80 shipped (US orders). International will be +$15.

If I didn’t just get my 7G5V2 I’d be all up on that in an instant.

Got the 7G9 today -- wow! Put in 3 EagleTac 3100's, it's just phenomonal! Very tight throw beam!

The only major issue for me is the mode memory. "kreisler" defines it very well in the RC-29 review. Let me quote from kreisler:

The current version of the Romisen (i got my copy from dealextreme) has 3 Modes: High - Medium - Strobe. No matter how slow or fast you click (or tap) the switch, the flashlight would adopt the mode whichever was or is next in line within the infinte series/loop "..-med-strobe-hi-med-strobe-hi-med-strobe-hi-med-strobe-hi-..". For example you're in Med mode. Then switch off. Wait as long as you want, say 10 min. Then press the button. Your mode will be strobe!! In other words, your last mode is saved/memorized only to return the next mode in that infinite series. On the one hand the switch is a forward clicky (with "tap" functionality), on the other hand you cannot send in Morse or use it as tactical switch. whenever you press/tap the switch at any point in time, you are forwarded to the next mode in line.

(Copied from: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/4817)

Only difference is the 7G9 has high-med-low, not strobe as the 3rd mode. The trick of course to work-around it is to switch to low mode, then leave it off. Guaranteed then it will come up in high mode next time you turn it on.

Also got my LightMalls UltraFire C8 U2 today... Very impressed with it as well! The quality, and on a EagleTac 3100, it's very bright -- brightest single 18650 light I have. Close in, not much difference from the 7G9, although the beam pattern ia quite different - larger spill, larger hot spot but the hot spot is noticeably weaker than the 7G9. But for $20 including a C8 holster, I absolutely love it! The mode memory works very well so far, very predictable. The best thing I did was ordering the C8 with a holster, because they packed the light in the holster to give it that added protection in shipping! Thanks LightMalls!!

Wish I was setup to test the amps draw and do some beamshots...

Update 09/08/12:

The stiff switch really bothered me - added 3 of these: http://dx.com/p/super-strong-rare-earth-re-magnets-8mm-20-pack-4248 by gluing to the bottm of the rubber boot -- now there is little/no gap between the boot and the switch mechanism -- works as easy as my RC-29 now!

Glad I could help. Tell your wife it was my fault.

I almost bought one of these last week…until I read about the driver mode thing…I can’t stand that…seems like a nice light though…

EDCPlus…sent you a PM earlier this morning for qty 1.