Heck Of A Deal

Seen this and thought I would pass it on to members.


That might be good if those batteries were nearly new, but a lot of very old or storage-damaged ones have been sold lately by discounters. Hard to tell.

The charger's a no-name and might cook batteries anyhow. Might be too good to be true. Good luck.

x2... additionally you're going to need some way to capacity-test, and match the cells (to some degree) if you want to use them in a high-draw application. You don't want to mix healthy cells with old-tired ones that can't keep up. Generally bad things can happen in that scenario.

The charger can be had for 9.95 at Harbor Freight at times, I know I have 2. It is strickly a timed charge.

Here it is for 14.99


The batteries may or not be a very good deal. A while back I bought MANY NiMH D cells at Office Depot - 2 for $2.00. That of course was on Clearance and was an exceptional deal. Don't forget there are 4 Tenergy's

BTW because of the timer function it takes 8 hours to fully charge 2500maH batteries, so you would have to unplug, and replug in the charger 4 times to fully charge the Tenergy's (32 hours total)

Maybe that is why he is getting rid of this