Heider CF1 = $10 SIPIK SK68?

Just thought I’d name and shame this website: http://supertorch.eu/ for trying to sell the SIPIK SK68 for 35 euros, they even offer a ‘price match guarantee’ which I have decided to test.

They do include a basic 14500 cell and charger, but it annoys me when they start making claims like this:

’Heider CF1 runs on universally-available 3.7 volt alcaline and rechargeable batteries. YOU WILL RECEIVE A 3.7 V BATTERY AND UNIVERSAL CHARGER, ABSOLUTELY FREE, WITH YOUR ORDER!

Heider CF1 model with Cree Q5 LED system, is the most competitively priced item in the market. Alternative products that use the same technology are priced at 55-75 €. Heider CF1 costs only 39,90 € (Shipping and taxes are included).

If you are looking for a high performance pocket lamp that delivers best-in-class range and reliability at the most competitive price, Heider CF1 is the one for you. Our mantra at Metem Technology is that quality living is achieved with quality products, and we are proud of our record of delivering highest performance products at market-breaking prices.’

Does anyone have any information which might back them up at all, or are they another ‘extremebeam’ but even worse this time?

haha so funny, beamshots are taken with HID’s or multiple XML lights

Yeah, the second beamshot in the photo gallery could be the SIPIK/Heider. But the first and third are clearly from different (non-aspheric lense) lights.

I really hate scams on the internet, especially when to the average person they could look perfectly legit.

lol i can tell u non of those beam shots are from the siptik68 :stuck_out_tongue: or heider! hehe

The first aspheric that "rounds" up the emitter at perfect focus... no wonder so pricey

One of the beam shots? is the cars headlights

Finally someone has named and shamed this website!

I fell for supertorch.eu after seeing the website advertised on the ads on facebook!

As I have an addiction for purchasing gadgets, namely Torches! I decided to go ahead and purchase this too!

I was shocked when I decided to ebay the torch after using the search term ‘cree Q5 LED’ that I found exactly the same product for a 1/3rd of the price!!

So I decided to write a letter of complaint to info@supertorch.eu

Please see below email i sent them!

Dear Sir/Madam

I have recently purchased a Heider CF1 from your website supertorch.eu

I would like to say that as much as I am happy with the product itself, I am very disappointed and upset at how much I have had to pay to purchase the item.

After conducting research on various different websites it has come to my attention that I could have purchased exactly the same item at a much lower price than which I paid with you!

I paid £33.38 to purchase the torch from your website when I could have paid £8.99 including delivery for exactly the same product (please see below link)


I could have also purchased two torches for £16.04 which is less than half the price that I paid for your product ( see below link)


The materials used are exactly the same and the weight and size are same too, the only difference is the name on the side of the torch which you have labelled Heider CF1 Super torch.

There are other websites such as Amazon who also provide the same torch at a lower cost.

Please could you advise me of your reasons for the price which you have set for your torch?

As I believe I have been misinformed by your website and price for your product.

I am a hardworking individual who has purchased this item at the price mentioned above but am deeply upset that I have paid almost 3 times the price to purchase the item.

email ends here


This is the torch I have recently bought, still awaiting the item!


as soon as I have it I will let you know how it compares to the so called Heider CF1 supertorch!

The other issue is the whole Lithium battery subject, some of the above links i have contacted the sellers who advise that their torches which are exact replica of the Heider CF1 are not designed for the 14500 LI batteries but the above link said they do, so watch this space!

Why dont you shop around first to determine the price of things???

Everyone knows on this entire forum that the Sipik is about an 8USD light on Ebay shipped.

I can put a special name on the Sanrenmu 710 import then into Canada and resell for 30$ USD/pc. Maybe some people would buy one, some people would research and buy from Ebay, or Exduct for 8$.

yeh i was stupid for not researching however this is the reply that the customer services came out with

Dear Sir,

we thank you for your message and understand your reaction.

But we suggest you to buy this products and compare it yourself, if
they are the same.

It looks like that they are the same but they are not.

Our torch has the same body, because we used the same material and
design. But look if they have the same light power, even when they say
“… lumen”. And soon we will use our specific design, just made by
ourself. Look, when we release Heider CF2.

Mostly these kind of torches use the Cree Q3 technology, not real Q5.

Our torch has a microcontroller, most of them do not have it.

Another aspect is, that the express delivery takes a lot of money. A
seller in UK has not so much to pay when you also live in UK.

But we deliver to every country of the world. And fast delivery.

The last big difference is, that we give you a guarantee of 2 years.

Else I mentioned above, just order 1 of these products and compare it

But we also thank you for your interest in our product.

With kind regards,

METEM TEKNOLOJI Customer Service


Welcome to BLF torchfanatic!

I'm sorry to hear about your case with supertorch.eu :(

Just to add to the case, I had a feeling that I have seen the "flashlight vs. car headlights"-beamshot somewhere. Half an hour of googling and I found it..

The flashlight in the photo is actually M-flare Rebel 90, and the photo is taken by a Finnish flashaholic called "vee73" (a.k.a. taskulamppufriikki)

Here's the original photo (with a link to his site):

Obvious scam and they are also stealing photos. Shame on them. :(

Welcome to the madness, torchfanatic!

Torchfanatic - welcome to BLF.
Yup, but unfortunately you have been scammed :frowning:
Torch - $6-7
*2*x14500 blue, probably, unprotected TF - $3
charger - $3
You can get all that for about 13 bucks (less than 11 Euros) with, of course, cheap, slow chinese shipping (2-3 weeks of waiting). It’s a pity you haven’t found us (BLF) earlier :frowning: Anyway, hope you enjoy your light :slight_smile:
(well, found this “sipik” for 40 bucks :bigsmile: You got for the same price the torch, batt and charger :bigsmile: Good deal :bigsmile: )

lol :bigsmile: Man, you must be crazy to pay that for this stuff :bigsmile: Take a look at the original price :open_mouth:

List Price: $499.99
Price: $90.29
You Save: $409.70 (82%)

I wouldn’t even pay 30 for it :bigsmile:

wow cannot believe a company would go and steal pictures of someone elses beam shot and put it up as their own lol wtf ?

Ya know the spam email people get all the time, that seems utterly unbelievable?

Thing is — it costs them nothing, and they want only the people who will believe that crap.

Same thing about Internet advertising on websites — the only responses they need are the ones they fool right from the start.

It’s a dirty old world.

Yeah its too bad. You could ask to return the product, or just take this as an expensive lesson :frowning:

C3 or C5 or micro-controller, get real its an 8$ USD light, including shipping and the envelope, I really doubt the premium version run, otherwise people would just buy a better light in the first place. Guarantee of 2 years, and they actually reply to your message in english, that’s the guys business to make money and sell at a profit.

On the bright side you found this forum and can now get lots of other great lights for very low prices, half the discussion here is talking about Chinese vendors.

According to their website they have a “reasonable pricing policy.” lol

If you paid by Paypal you could try opening a dispute with them.

Hi, I wish I had seen this site before I bought one of these CF2 torches. http://www.supertorch.eu/en/
It will be a very expensive lesson!

Hello Fat Angus and welcome to BLF ! ! ! :party:

Can you send the Heider back and get a full refund of your money ?

I don’t know if I can send it back at the moment. And the even worse thing is that when the delivery guy turned up with the torch there was an £29.37 import tax to pay at it came from Turkey (or somewhere). I have never had to pay import tax before.

I must be crazy :_(

EDIT: I suppose I could cancel the cheque for the import tax - that was made out to the courier company and see if I can return the torch…

that doesent work out vat is 19%import tax is whatever the decide on the day.but it sounds to me like you payed shipping on delivery,ie twice