Hello BLF

Hello BLF,

My name is Brian I’ve lurked on this forum for a long time, and now decided to make a account. I thank everyone on here for the free information and help available. I’m now addicted to flashlights. Some of the lights I own now the astrolux BLF x6, eagle eye x6 hi, thrunite tn4a (cw), tn4a hi version, archer 2av3, nitecore ea41, ea81, p12gt, soonfire ns17(nitenumen), handaccu,durapower xmlt6, Duracell 350lm zoomie, cree sk68, sk98, custom maglight with 1400lumens, I recently received the thorfire s70, and I went on alibaba and ordered the convoy l6 from simon directly. I am a big fan of his work and wanted to pay the extra $15 for what he does for people like us. It just cleared Chicago customs yesterday so hoping for a Monday or Tuesday delivery. And have a light malls superbright 4500lumen xhp70 light on the way. I don’t know really how to mod I’d like to learn and get some practice only thing I’ve done in that aspect is dedome a 2aa minimag to extend the range on it. No where near done with my collection but now want more powerful end lights looking for a good 3-4 led can light 3-4k lumens for a decent price looking for good throw not so much flood Like maybe a jkk35 or unique fires 1404 I believe it is. Or maybe some one here could build me one at some point. Definitely jealous of people who have the capability to build whatever kind of lights they want it’s so much cheaper that way. Definitely want to learn more at some point on how to build lights. This hobby gets expensive and I’m the only income for my household and wife and daughters come first this comes second. Wife is disabled sorry for my rant just hope I can one day give back to BLF like members here have done to help me make good decisions. On lights , batteries, and chargers. Any devil dogs on here semper fi 2/9 fox

Welcome to BLF!
Wauw that is a nice collection!

I like the Uniquefire UF1401 a lot. Had it running for several hundreds of hours on low with 4 Panasonic’s 3400mAh
It is hard to mod with that display but nice and floody stock.
You are in the States so ordering a Supfire M6 from Mountain Electronics will probably be a tad cheaper, gives a easier to mod light of excellent quality (so I’ve heard)

Sounds like you don’t need a warning about how dangerous this place is to your wallet. :slight_smile:

You can “give back to BLF” by answering questions posted by other users, especially questions about flashlights that you already own or have researched.

I may look more into the supfire, I know he offers some custom options with some lights on there. I ordered my 26650s from mtn for my s70 from there. I wish I could afford his meteor light.

The money adds up quickly, if my wife only knew that some of these lights were $70+ she would probably kill me. Thanks for the advice if I see any questions I’m more then happy to answer about the lights I own

Welcome to BLF! :beer:


Thanks for signing up, Speed4goal!


Welcome,Speed4goal. There are also some chances to get the giveaways and do the reviews which may help you save money.

Hi and welcome Speed4goal. You have enough lights and any more would be a total waste of money. by the way good luck with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your right lol, well I’m done buying 1000 lumen edc for awhile. I do have more then I can ever use. Actually forgot to add a few. The 6aa triple led energizer 900 lumen $20 from batt junction isn’t a bad light But for now I wanna get a couple real powerful triples or quads. And eventually one super tight dedicated thrower. Maybe a acebeam. Or if a smo reflecter becomes available for the l6 it be my long range dedicated thrower. The BLF x6 does a good job but want something more powerful for 700+ yards. Comes in handy when on a boat out in the gulf of mexico. Want to thank everyone for the warm welcome on here. Many more lights to come. At least now I can get in on group buys.

Appreciate it bud I’ll have to look into the giveaways and reviews section.

I dont have this light or have anything to do with the group buy, but it does have one or two very excited.


Welcome! You’re safe on the Meteor, at least for a while, as Richard has been out of them for a while.

Welcome to BLF!!!

You are so well prepared for this forum! I am very impressed with your collection so far, looks like you know what you are doing.

The Meteor M43 is a MUST HAVE, I have 3 of them. I might be putting one up for sale soon. PM me if you really really want one...

I've recently been bitten by the knife bug and am totally out of control with that hobby also. So I am going to thin my herd soon and it will be a dilly, let me tell you.

Feel free to ask any questions about modding you may have, we love helping people get to where they want to be!

Someone also mentioned the Supfire M6 from Rich's store Mountain Electronics, it is also a MUST HAVE. I have at least 3 of those also and one of his level II M6's.

Thanks I may hit you up on that, still learning the site as a member most forums you have to send a friend request first before a pm a guess its not that way here

Welcome to BLF!

You've got a very nice and rounded collection but don't worry...we won't tell the wife. LOL

Lol thanks been 24 hours already enrolled into two group buys maxtoch 2 and q8. If only the l6 would land. I’m going to try to cut back to 1 light a month or two soon

Yeah, “soon”. As soon as pigs fly, right???