Hello Everyone, Im Kevin. Selling battery and charger.

Hello Everyone, Im Kevin. Selling battery and charger.

Nice to meet you all you guys. :slight_smile:

Welcome to blf. What cells are you selling?

It's a pleasure to have you onboard, zkevin!


I thought kevin was an irish name? :wink:

dear Z

We have been down the road before.

What is your company name
What is your company website (in english, please)
Do you want to offer a group buy?
What do you want us to do?

Please Please Please dont tell us about xxxFire or Firexxxx cells.

If you have actual major mfg cells and can offer us a deal there will be intrest.

Think long and hard before you give us your best pitch because this is a tough group to impress.

Best of luck!


Nothing that has “corn” in the name :evil:

Welcome to BLF!

Did we scare him off?


We all have seen many new vendors come and go please be honest and give the best prices of authentic goods not nock off
S or factory seconds and what gets more endorsement on trouble is being caught I’m a lie so let’s hear what you have to iffer.

Don’t you have the names , prices and pictures of

the stuff you’re selling ? Show us what you have :exmark:


You bad guys. He is scared and gone.

It really is a pity.

We probably missed out on the Best Price on some of the New 6,000mAh UltraFire 18650s.

Now we have to wait…:frowning:


Where's that, "Shut up and take my Money" picture?

yea... that's the one...LOL!

He is not scared, only a little bit slowed - member since 12/27/2014. This is post 2 of him :)

Sorry, this shouldn't sound mean. Give us some more information about the brands, prices and a webpage or your aliexpress shop.

He’s a fraud. He can’t be Kevin. I’m Kevin and I won’t stand for this. :bigsmile:

If he doesn’t say or do anything now, just imagine what CS must be like:-(


Huh? Kevin?

The original post

Yeah, I know. I saw that. I was trying to figure out which of you is THE Kevin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Me of course!