Hello folks

Hi all.

Greetings from North Wales UK.

I've just joined. ..... Didn't see a hello section, mods please move if I've missed it.

I've been interested in flashlights since a kid but got into it seriously several years ago when I purchased my first decent light, an Olight SR95. Soon to follow was a TN42, then I discovered Vinh which resulted in a Manker M34 filled with XPL PDT's, I love this light, using many of his prised leds and he quickly removed that option from his site! Then a Manker U21 XPG2 PDT a very nicer 26650 thrower, I was lucky to get "fiat lux".

I've been out of it for a while, now back again with gusto.

I sold the SR95 and the TN42 years ago. I've now added to Vinh's lights an Imalent R90C, an Acebeam X80GT, Imalents RT70 and RT35, Astrolux MF02 and MF04.

I'm modifying the RT70/35 which I'll talk about and ask questions in another thread.

I have talked about this on another forum but not got one bite so I've moved! :)

I hope to learn from you all and share my attempts at modifying and eventually a build when I gain knowledge.

Cheers! .... styks

Welcome to blf.

Thank you.

One of my favorite flashlights - the BLF A6 by Manker. But only on sale!

Welcome abord Styks!

Thank you Active A1

Welcome . I don’t doubt you’ll find the information your lookin for here . Lots of knowledgeable folks at BLF ! :wink:

Hi and welcome styks. As Rdubya18 mentioned, lots of smart members here.
Enjoy the stay.

Welcome !

I've been directed to this site on many occasions searching for flashlight reviews.

As you say, many very knowledge people here, it will be a pleasure to delve into such a pool of knowledge.

Should've joined ages ago!

Thanks for the warm welcome.


Please enjoy your time here, styks!

Do you live in a van down by the river, styks?

Nah, but he likes to go sailing away…

The jig is up the news is out they finally found me at BLF…welcome Styks - thought I read Styx .

Nah, I live across the river styks, got two coins on me eyes for the boat man, ex wife put em there! .... Up in the hills mate, or out in the styks if you like! :) Great flashlight place, no light pollution, only sheep. .... And no sheep jokes please! Ha.

Welcome Styks, from another UK member down south.

I love North Wales, been on out hols there a few times on the coast near Porthmadog, fantastic area to explore.

Hello styks, welcome to BLF.

Be prepared for the chilling effects of budget lights.
Moneywise you may think: nah, what’s a raindrop here and a raindrop there.
Let me tell you. That’s almost a swimming pool a year :wink:
It drains your wallet.

Hey styks! Welcome to BLF! We do actually have a forum section called Introduce Yourself. It’s listed under the Miscellaneous category. I don’t know that it’s too big of a deal that you posted here. Mr. Admin can move the thread if he wants to. But I think he’s just as likely not to do so in cases like this. :smiley:

styks, you can move your own thread.

Here's instructions how: