Hello from Amutorch

Gday everyone. This is Amutorch’s new official account, although you may be already quite familiar with Amutorch flashlights. There will be a guessing game soon in BLF and everyone has a chance to win a Free flashlight!

Please enjoy your time here, amutorch!

I guess… 3? :laughing:

Welcome to BLF Amutorch. You have quite a few fans here already. :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF, amutorch. :sunglasses:

Nice to see another flashlight brand joining BLF. You will find many ideas and suggestions for great flashlights around here. :person_with_crown:

Welcome Amutorch :wink:
Nice to see you around here :wink:

Welcome to BLF!

My family of Amutorch lights, need to add the E3 though to this:

Hi Amutorch, welcome to BLF.
Nice to have new member from a reputable flashlight brand on board.

Hi and welcome Amutorch.
Nice collection Tom E. How many are stock?

Think 3 of the 9 are stock

Welcome amutorch! I own only 1 Amutorch flashlight sofar, but I like your uncommon designs, keep them coming!

amutorch can be very succesfull with their lights…very interesting brand…different.i like it too.just miss usb on their lights.)

Greeting amutorch and welcome.

I sent an email to amutorch regarding one of their new lights and got a response in less than 15 minutes by Mandy. This level of customer service is something very rare for budget brands nowadays, keep up the good work!

Welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome amutorch.

Welcome Amutorch!

Actually, some of my very first flashlights are from Amutorch. AM30 and JM70 were some great lights to start this hobby with...

I'm very curious about your next incoming products. :-)

The AM30 is still a solid like a rock flashlight :wink: