Hello from Atlanta

Hi folks,

I'm a certified flashaholic, they say that admission of a problem is the first step to recovery. Though friends, family, and my wife in particular, believe that I’m certifiable, they don’t complain at Christmas or birthdays when they receive a new “precious.” Occasionally, they can even be overheard extolling the virtues of their new flashlight to the uninitiated. Professionally, am an egghead marine ecologist, thought my research extends to to coastal and freshwater ecosystems.

No stranger to a soldering iron, used to make tube amps and speakers in college and love the warm sound/depth of field only vinyl can produce. Caught the flashy virus eons ago with dive lights, been downhill ever since. Have several commercial offerings (Fenix, Jetbeam, Nitecore, 4Sevens and Mag variants), some lego's, and a few custom's (Lambda, Electrolumens, Mac's Customs). Privately, not even my wife knows this, have an unrequited lust for McLeish's budget-busting offerings...there, I said it, it’s out in the open! Guess it's a natural progression, commercial flashlights...custom lights...DIY?

Don't particularly care for overdriven "cool white" led's in the field, they render everything 2D to my color-blind eyes. Really like Solarforce hosts, want to start playing with different combo's of led's/drivers, reflow soldering to 101-110 copper pills/heatsinks, and wish that high CRI offerings came in more neutral tints.

Really enjoy the niche carved out here on BLF, DIY mixes with ingenuity, low cost modding of inexpensive hosts, reprogramming drivers, and the great reviews not found in other forums, what’s not to like. Have a couple of ideas that need to be fleshed out; hopefully my questions won’t come across as inane or moronic.

There's my one minute elevator-speech, have a great day!

Hi there, am sure you will like it here! Quite a wide mix of stuff.....

Welcome to BLF, Ecosys!! You'll fit right in. :)


Hi Ecosys,

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF.

Welcome to BLF, Ecosys.