Hello from Australia

Hello folks,

G’day from Melbourne, Australia. I notice quite a few of my countrymen (women ?) are on here. I have been a flashaholic (or I guess torchoholic in my country) for a while and have been lurking here for some time.

I already have a few lights over the years, starting with a XR-E P4, some P60 dropins (Q5, R2, T6s and U2s), some Ultrafire C3s (Q5, R5) as edc, but my brightest light is a TR-1200 body with one of this:

It’s quite good !

Looking to buy a multi T6/U2 (U3 maybe ?) light soon - that new Black Shadow from Ric looks good. Already learnt lots from you guys, hopefully I’ll contribute where I can.

Welcome to BLF ObiWan.

Welcome ObiWan

Melbourne seems to be a city from which a very significant percentage of Australian BLF’ers hail :wink:

Welcome to BLF! You'll love being here! :)

G,Day to ya[or good morning]and welcome aboard.

Im new so no real advice on a new light from me,but read reviews is my advice.

Have fun


Welcome aboard, Obiwan. I saw your Avatar over at CPF. Was that you by chance (not that it matters)?


May the force be with you!

Welcome to the family, Old Ben!

G’day mate, welcome

Welcome to the dark side, Ben.

Thanks for the warm welcomes !

Keith, no that wasn’t me over at CPF. I did spend some time in the early days lurking over there, but once I found this forum, I “saw the light” and haven’t been there since.

Cheers, Roger

Welcome fellow Melbournite

Lotsa good info in the forum - enjoy!

Welcome to BLF


Welcome! I too am in Melbourne. I’ve yet to meet anyone who likes torches though. Most of my mates call me crazy and laugh at me, seeing as I don’t have a real use for them 8)

But may I suggest you get a digital multimeter (DMM) and a good charger (sysmax intellicharger) and perhaps a light meter if you really want to know what you’ve bought. Knowing these things about your light is a great way to stay safe and prioritise which lights are used for what.

welcome Ob1,
Wish you to find the best lightsaber possible xD
and may the force be with u in the path

It's nice to meet you, ObiWan-Kenobi!


Welcome neighbour. Are you rich?

Yeah, if nothing else, I’ve learned that one T6 light can be completely different to another T6 light, same with 18650s etc.

raccoon city: I think your artwork is one of the highlights of this forum !! “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for …”