Hello from Essex UK

Hi all,

Some may know of me from other forums, I'm Essexman on torch/flashlight forums, britishblades.com and multitool.org, plus some knot forums too.

I really injoy modding maglites (2D normally) and single AA lights a bit. This forum looks like a great resource for details and info on drivers/LEDs etc.

Talk soon

Oh yeah, I also do a bit of lanyard making, paracording, manknitting, fancy knot work.

Welcome to BLF, Essexman. I've seen some of your work with para-cord...Looks nice.

Hope you enjoy yourself here.

Hello! Welcome to BLF :)

You're "manknitting" suddenly made me realise "mankrame" is an awesome word :P

That has to be the understatement of the still young century. From what I have seen your paracord consumption is better measured in miles rather than feet.

Welcome to BLF, good to have you here.

Definitely the understatement of the year. I've been watching that thread since I joined and Essexman and a few of the others make some the most beautiful paracord art.

Hi there Essexman, we're very glad to have you here. Please enjoy your stay!

I'm also registered on multitool.org, I registered to talk about... you guessed it... budget multitools! ;) I'm an incurable cheapskate anyway. So I bought my "Mammut Fine Tools" Leatherman Wave knockoff and I'm very happy with it.

Thanks for the warm welcome chaps, I feel a home already!

Re cheap multitools - have you seen the Ganzo tools, very good quality for the price.

Also if you like cheap but very good quality knives have a look at the SRM/Enlan knives on the same site. Cheap as chips but very good quality.

Now I know I'm openning a can of worms by saying the above are good quality and I may get flamed, but before you do, bear in mind that SRM make knives for many well known brands (boker, spyderco to name two) which sell for many more dollars in our shops.

Oh no......now I'm starting to like multitools.

Flashlights + multitools = broke ass hawaiian. Frown

I'm still looking for a cheap multitool with some sort of locking mechanism. The Mammut is pretty good. Any others that you have experience with?

No sorry. I should say, the other reason I like the Ganzo model is that it is UK EDC Legal, i.e. the blade is less than 3 inches long and non locking (slipjoint).

That restriction just annoys me so much, I wouldn't have minded if it was just restricted to less than 3" but non-locking and non-fixed really is annoying.

I'd love one of these - http://www.boker.de/us/fixed-blade-knife/boker-plus/outdoor-knife/02BO270.html but it seems like a silly purchase if I can't actually take it outside of the house. I'm sure it would be easier to do someone serious mischief with a well made pen than with that knife.

Here you can open as many cans of worms as you want. We like worms... especially those with good value/money ratio. ;-)

I'm about to order some SRM knives after chinese new years, because the larger blades are going out of production.

(Maybe due to more restrictive knife laws in China)

BTW where can I buy the Mammut? Any links?

Hi and welcome

its a lot more relaxed and friendly here than the other side

where are you buying your para-cord from i cant find the GITD on the sites i have looked on

Cheers Barrie

EDIT found some GITD on flea bay

I have a 3inch locking swiss army knife that i bought over here but after looking on the victorinox website i can't see it any more so i guess they've stopped selling it over here now..

Hey man

Good to see you here

We may need two new subforums... knives and multitools...

@ Pook - don't get me going about UK knife laws, we'll be here all night. Those type of threads never end well!

@scruffy dog - GITD cord came from eBay, yep you found it.

Hiya Jack - small world eh! For those that don't know, Jack is an expert with the cord and knots.

Nice of you to say , but I'm just learning along with everyone else

Welcome, Essexman!

I am also interested in lanyard making

Welcome to BLF!