Hello from Estonia!

It’s almost my 100th post here on BLF and I’ve been an official member for 501 days now, so it’s probably time to introduce myself:)
I was a long time lurker before signing up. My first real flashlight was a NiteCore Extreme Infinity and it was my primary EDC for many years. A few years back I started looking a good replacement for it and… now it seems I might have a small addiction.

I definitely have more flashlights than I would ever need…
BLF Manker A6 bare
Brinyte B158 with dedeomed XP-G2
Convoy S2+ red with MT-G2
Olight M3XS-UT Javelot
BLF SE X6 stock
BLF SE X6 triple
Skilhunt H02
Olight O’Pen
Olight i3S EOS
SingFire BLF-348
Jaxman U1 365nm UV
Fenix E05SSvn

And there is always more on the way… like ReyLight Tool AAA Copper and BLF LuckySun D80-SE
Only a few of them remain stock. Majority of them are modified in some way.

There are also lots of lights I have played around/modded and gifted or sold…
Jacob A60, Olight SR Mini Intimidator, Convoys and so on.
This hobby gets out of hand real quick!
No one needs a red S2+ with MT-G2… but there are just some things you Have to do :bigsmile:

This forum has really pushed me to do and try new things. Dedoming, soldering SMD components and so on.
I don’t really have much free time, but when I get a chance to mod/experiment a few hours it’s time well spent.

And thank you all for sharing valuable information to the newbies!

Have a nice time here, zipelgas!

WOW an introduction when being active for a long time and seing your lights knowing your way around torches!
If you post something in my little GAW you might just win some mod stuff :wink:

Welcome to BLF zipelgas, you are well underway to self-destruction already!

Of course I don't need a red S2+ with MT-G2, but only because I already have made a S8-BLF17DDzenermod-(warmwhite)XHP50 .