Hello from Italy


my names is Nicola and I would like to be one for you..

Hello NICO, welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF Nico!

Benvenuto su BudgetLightForum Nicola, è sempre bello avere un "compaesano" in più nel forum!

Thanks Paranid.

Davx sei anche in qualche forum italiano..

Hi there Nico, sorry I don't speak Italian! Welcome to BLF! Thanks for joining.


Welcome to the forum, you are now one of us. I hope that you enjoy your stay here, as it is a nice place to be and also the people will help you spend your money in a budget sort of way. :)

Welcome to the group, Nico!



Enjoy and welcome to BLf. You can have some fun here and get some good advice from the friendly members. Post some pictures of your lights.

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF NICO

No, solo su BLF. Ho dato un'occhiata ma mi trovo meglio qui.


NICO: Davx you are also in some italian forum?

DAVX: No, only on BLF. I took a look around but i feel more at ease here

Aloha and welcome to BLF NICOLA!

Yes, we spend just as much but get a lot more lights for our money.

Welcome to BLF Nico

Really? Bend over, b... . :P (Joke)


very thanks

Nice to have you here NICO