Hello from Italy

I’ve came to this forum because I was searching information about some good charger and I decided to join you.

Bye to all and hear you soon.

Hi Luca!!

Welcome to BLF!! :slight_smile: :beer:

Welcome to BLF Luca!

Ciao Luca. Good to see you here.


Welcome to BLF, Luca!


I hope you enjoy your stay & keep coming back, bhonder!

Benvenuto su BLF Luca!

Welcome to BLF! great people and lot of info…

Welcome!, and when you get your charger, you may as well buy a flashlight too?

Welcome to BLF, Luca! :party:

Hi Luca,

Welcome. :bigsmile:

What sweet lights have you got to go with that charger?

Hello Luca
Its nice to see you here


Welcome to BLF! Hope you enjoy your stay here. :slight_smile:


welcome to the forum

Hello from Italy here too! :smiley:

I already have a bunch of flashlights.

One one them allowed us to take a picture of our personal backyard badger, during it’s night shifts! :slight_smile:


Welcome to BLF, Luca!

Welcome Luca, lot’s of italian guys here :bigsmile: