hello from Jakarta

hello, nice to found this forum since in my country we don't have specific forum that discuss torches..

anyone from Jakarta or Indonesia??

Hi Patron, welcome to BLF! We don't seem to have too many users from India yet, so we're glad to have you.

thank you for your warm welcome..

Welcome !!!

In what type of torches are you interested ?

Welcome! I love to see more members outside of my country! We're quite the diverse bunch here :)

Welcome to BLF. I'm not from Jakarta but have been there a number of times.

welcome to Blf

Welcom to BLF... i only know how to say Apa kabar

i would like to know more about cree emitter, right now i have a police torch and Xeno G10 for EDC.

yes, i can't believe that i missed BLF all this time...i am starting to enjoy the forum..

thanks, when you in Jakarta next time maybe we can meet and have a cup of coffee..

becareful, it is highly addicted

i've been to jakarta too.. great place.. yeayyyyyy

Hehe,welcome BLF,and which language are you speak in your country??

Welcom Patron! Java is a very nice place.

when i hear about indonesia. i remember Mentawai Island....

Indonesia is very big on beetles. Sumatra especially. I used to have some from Aceh. But I also had from Sulawesi. And I was in contact with a very friendly guy from Kalimatan.

Multiple times to Indonesia 10 yrs ago!


Gidday and may someone else be in charge of the piggy bank.

@all, thank you for your comments. In Indonesia we mainly use Bahasa Indonesia as national language but most people in major city can speak basic English.

well i do speak english :D .. feel like eating rendang:)