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I am heavily into lasers and very active over at LPF. Ive bought and sold numerous things over there and now im venturing into flashlights 8)

Im interested in buying a Crelant 7G6CS Cool White XM-L2 but open to other suggestions

Ill be keeping an eye on the sales section :wink:

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Have a pleasant time at this friendly forum, Livinloud!

Thanks guys, looks like ive got a ton of reading ahead of me

Welcome to BLF! The 7G6CS can be had froma US seller who happens to be a member on BLF (madecov).

I thought there was a clone of this as well from TrustFire or UltraFire, but I cannot find the model number anywhere.

yeah i have one sitting in my cart over at MD but posted here seeing if anyone had any Crelants they wanted to sell. im not set on the 7G6CS but thats my favorite so far

It sure is a nice light, good looks and well built.
In that particular 1x18650 format, I like the C8 style. The Convoy C8 from Fasttech is a real nice example. It is a well built light with plenty of emitter and drive options when you order it. And the price (about $15 with BLF coupon code) is tough to beat.
I did a review (check my sig) on the first one I bought, and have since bought three more for friends.

Thanks for that suggestion but which option will give the best flood and throw combo? What is the real lumen of these lights @ 2.1A or 2.8A

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Thanks Garry, like your review on the home depot defiant light :beer:

Welcome to the family, Livinloud! You are a glutton for punishment coming from lasers into the world of flashlights. :)

Good to see a laser guy here. I may have some questions for you as I've had a laser build sitting in the bullpen for over a year (almost two).What is the best, least expensive driver to supply 250mW to a blueray laser?

The Convoy C8 I reviewed has about 700 lumens out the front at 2.8A. 2.1A would probably be around 600 or so.

alright, might have to pick up the C8 and give it a try. i think im grabbing a V6CS as well.

If the C8 doesnt fit my likings then i can always dump the emitter, drop a heat sink in and have a great laser host :stuck_out_tongue:
The C8 is actually pretty popular for lasers

JohnnyMac, depends on what the diode is. you dont want to over drive the diode too much but 250mW is pretty easy to get. do you know where the diode came from (PS3 sled, blu-ray player, etc….)?

for example the S06J can take 250-450mA but a PHR-805T will only take about 120mA. if you let me know where the diode is from or if you know what diode it is, im more then glad to help you out.

That goes for anyone as well, if you have any laser related questions please feel free to ask. we will swap off, ill ask flashlight questions and answer your laser questions :beer:


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Welcome to the BLF, Livinloud. Please feel free to post up some pics of your laser builds.