Hello from Manila

Hi to all at BLF. Amrod here from Manila in the Philippines. Nice and very informative forum.

i just wish there were more variety of lights to chose from here. Oh well looks like online purchases would be the best alternative.

More power to all.:)

Kumusta amraspalantir ! Welcome to BLF!

Kabayan!salamat sa bati. nice to see Filipino flashaholics here too.:)

Welcome to BLF, amraspalantir...

hi glad you are here

what lights are ou thinling about for more variety ?? can you post some links

Welcome to BLF!

There are a few of us pinoys here on BLF. I was born in Olongapo and grew up in Baguio. Did you spend your whole life in Manila?

welcome to BLF Amrod

Welcome to BLF amraspalantir,

I'm also from the Philippines, If you need the best place to buy flashlights and batteries along the area i'l be glad to assist you.

VFMaddict,edc,Davx,df2dot....thanks for the warm welcome.:)

fishinfool....grew up in manila...mandaluyong to be exact...sa labas ha.haha

lan2381....thanks for the assist bro....most appreciated....where do you recommend? nice collection u have ( i saw it sa CPF ).

Hi there amraspalantir, welcome! We're glad to have you here.

Thanks, There are only a few stores in Manila you could get a quality light and mostly Only Surefire, maglite, petzl, black diamond are available inj gunshop and outdoor stores. I suggest buy online, it will depend on what battery type you will use, there several stores have free shipping like 4sevens, manafont, hkequipment, kaidomain, dealextreme, etc. I you need batteries I know a nice seller in manila, Waltcor sells items in ebay for the cheapest prices. got several eneloops from him.

Welcome to BLF Amrod!


Philippines seems to have quite good representation in here!

Welcome here, I will love to visit your country sometime...

Welcome from one pinoy to another.

Welcome to BLF, Amras!

Didn't see this thread when it was originally posted so I'll also jump on board now with a welcome!

so... welcome, amraspalantir! :)

I'm not filipino but my girlfriend is so I've visited your country. I have to cool down in Baguio, haha

Also, there are a couple other members here I didn't realize are filipino... fishinfool, alfreddajero. I wasn't here back then for the introduction. What great representation!

welcome to join BLF. enjoy your stay. actually i m also new comer . nice meeting you.