Hello from Memphis Tennessee

I’ve been lurking for a few weeks and decided it was time to make my intro post. I’ve always had an interest in flashlights, but my interest in budget lights peaked when I purchased a BLF A6 during the last Banggood sale. I’ve owned several Maglights, AAA headlamps and ThorFire AAA lights, but the BLF A6 was my introduction to the 18650.

Thanks to BLF I have now an appreciation for 4000k lights, my EDC ThorFire PF04 has been replaced with a Lumintop Tool Cu, and I have a Skilhunt H03 on the way to replace my headlamps. If I can just convince myself that I don’t need that Astrolux S41S, I think I’ll be OK.

I hope you enjoy your stay, Snoballz!

Any relation to BLF member blueb8llz?

Welcome to BLF!