Hello from Oklahoma

watchcollector1968 , Forgot to ask, are you on watchuseek ?

It's good to have you here, watchcollector1968!

The problem you're going to find is yes, individually the lights that get most discussed around here are more than affordable, but when the orders pile 8, 10 or 12 in a shipment...that's when you run into problems. Or the ever favorite repeat orders of moderately priced lights.

Anyways, welcome to the BLF.

I was a long time ago then moved over to g-forces.org which has been closed down for some time. I mainly hang out at edcforums and now here.

@zeroed4x yep we like guns here. I always like a nice .22 pistol like the Ruger or Browning. Her favorite seems to be the Ruger LCR.

Beautiful bike you have!