Hello from Oklahoma

Enjoying browsing around this forum, seems to have a lot that interests me. I have been a flashlight type for several years and after having tried all types I think I have finally settled on a couple of styles I like. Looking forward to soaking up a lot of information here and hopefully expanding my light collection a bit.

Hey there and welcome to BLF, watchcollector. What kind of lights are you looking at?

Well a million years ago I started out with MAG incans, then discovered the Infinity Ultra (CMG) and Streamlight 7led...eventually Fenix and then went through a Surefire time. Fenix has stuck and now seem to be hooked on the 1xAAA Fenix lights and the newer Mini-Mag PRO and a couple of their D cell lights. Looking forward to the MAG-TAC assuming the price is decent when released.

I am also wanting to learn more about some of the budget lights I have seen Rominsen (spelled right?) and Ultra-Fire and any other budget suggestions I can learn about.

Ahh, another Mag fan. There's a few of us on BLF. I have the new Pro+ and a couple of custom mini-Mags made by fellow BLF members Old Lumens and JohnnyMac. Romisen is a good quality light, great US vendor is Shiningbeam.com, very fast shipping and decent prices. Lots of other great wallet friendly brands for you to explore too and this is the place to do it.

Welcome to BLF.

Welcome! You'll enjoy it here!


Welcome to the BLF watchcollector, just be warned this place is highly addictive.

Welcome to BLF, watchcollector!! You will find a wealth of information here and the greatest group of people on any planet around. Even though we do budget you may still end up spending way more than you ever expected, so watch your wallet.

Greetings, watchcollector. We are glad to have you here at BLF.

Welcome! Some good advice here:


Welcome to BLF watchcollector1968.

If you keep watching BLF you'll have fun here. I do :-) And watch yourself or the flashlight the bug will bite and you'll be watching your collection grow.

I'll stop now ... Watch me :-)

Welcome, watchcollector1968 !!!

From what part of OK do you hail ? I lived on a farm near Shawnee "way back when."

It only required dialing 4 numbers to reach anyone in town.

Watches are another addiction shared by many members here; I'm a big fan of 60's and 70's Rado watches, along with most "TV screen" mid-range Swiss offerings of the era. What do you like ?

Once again, welcome to the BLF. We are glad to have you.

Howdy neighbor. :steve:

You don't have bull horns mounted to your Eldorado do you ? LOL

So what type of watches do you collect? I'm into Casio G Shocks.

Thanks for the welcome. I hope it does not same strange but for all the years I have loved lights, I also enjoy shopping for batteries...yep, I am attracted to the big shiny battery displays especially if they are on sale :)

Sitting on about 125 AA batteries and probably 50 AAA batts. Had a large set of eneloops but seem to have lost them when we moved. Time for more I think.

To answer above: No horns on my Eldarado...I have the horns on my Honda Fit :D

I live in Tulsa.

As for watches, I was into various types like automatic divers, everything from Invicta to Seiko. One Omega Speedmaster for the chronograph. My one steady love for many many years has been Casio G-Shocks. I have finally settled on a few favorite G's, the Riseman being my usual daily wearer.

Should also add, I am not alone in my house with this addiction. My wife is a light junkie as well as knives and G-Shocks. Her daily carry stuff is a Fenix LD20, Cold Steel Kobun and G-Shock MTG-910.

Aloha and welcome to BLF watchcollector1968!

Can she bake tasty cookies?

Welcome Aboard !!


Omega Speedmaster :-) Those are quite impressive.

We must be brothers.... G Shocks, Knives ( Cold Steel, Spyderco plus plus ) My scooter has an 80 C.I. chrome Harley motor in it. I suppose you have guns, I have so many that I lose track.

My wife isn't into any of it so maybe we should discuss a trade :-)

My scooter

A few of my G Shocks