hello from pennsylvania!!!

hi my name is Tim. ok guys im new to the forum and really to flashlights i have a redline nebo with 220 lm but i want something better like more of a thrower but i only have about 50 buck to get one what would be the best one i can get for that money i have been looking but i really dont know what im looking at LOL thanks. i was looking at




Welcome to the forum Tmaxxman! Before you buy anything please read some of the reviews of the lights you plan to purchase so you can make an informed decision.

Welcome to BLF! I would recommend the HD2010 from Tmart along with some trustfire flame 26650 and an Intellicharge I4.

Great advice. Take a deep breath and look around first, the flashlights aren't going anywhere.

And welcome to BLF!

Welcome! What part of PA you from? Do you have any Lithium Ion cells and/or charger? Those will be a large part of your expense (only buy highly rated cells and chargers). If you don't want Li-Ions expense at this time you may wish to look at the UltraOK 4AAA light (which can also run on Li-Ions) - it just needs a little help in heatsinking.


Welcome to the BLF family, Tim! What part of PA are you from?

Before I can recommend a light, what batteries would you want to use? Single or multi cell?

Im from Clearfield pa

i dont know how good they are but i got 2 sets




Welcome to the BLF family, Tim! What part of PA are you from?

Before I can recommend a light, what batteries would you want to use? Single or multi cell?


as long as there 18650s i don’t care lol

Do us all a favor and stop using those cells. They are complete crap, and can cause a fire which generates a gas that permanently destroys your lungs.

Yeah, I too would recommend you recycle those Ultrafire cells and get some good Panasonic or Sanyo cells, or at the very least some quality Trustfire Flames. Not only do the Ultrafire cells perform worse than anything else but are very unsafe.

Since you will hopefully be getting new cells anyway, get an HD2010 along with a pair of TrustFire 26650 or KingKong 26650 cells.

Welcome to BLF ! :party:

…….and what scaru sad !

Welcome to BLF! You'll love being here! :)

+1 to recycling those cells, getting better cells, and studying a bit before buying any multi cell lights.

And buy a DMM + learn to use it. Just for your health.

Hmm. . . just welcomed a guy from Clearfield not that long ago. Maybe you know him. I'm not that far south of you either.

Anyway, yeah get some decent cells to start. Read up on using a multimeter to monitor the cells and charger. Kumabear here on BLF is selling good cells at a good price (and US based). Find his thread and order a couple protected cells.


Welcome to the BLF, Tim !

I would echo the others' advice about recycling those cells. Please check out the thread from user "KumaBear" for an awesome deal on quality cells.

Great advice above. A bit of research and asking questions here will pay off in spades. We're happy to help !

Welcome to BLF, Tim.

thanks what is a good cell i dont know much about them or flashlights

There are many good cells, particularly those based on Sanyo or Panasonic cells (brand names are often who puts the protection circuit on and re-wraps it. These will be far more expensive, but worth it. They'll be safer and perform better. Stick with protected cells until you learn more about Li-Ion cells.


Thanks for stopping by, tmaxxman1999!