Hello from Poland

I’m Mike, after long time of reading the forum I created account here. Hope to spend good time and learn and share knowledge.
My hobbes are ham radio, electronics, RC models, knifes and of course flashlights.
HNY, Mike

Cześć i czołem ! :bigsmile:

Hi Mike (Igor ) and welcome to BLF! Tell us about your flashlight collection.

Welcome to the family and Merry Christmas, Mike!!

Welcome to BLF !


Welcome to BLF Mike! If you have any questions feel free to ask. :)

Welcome to the family, Mike. And Merry CHRISTmas.

Thanks for warm welcome.

Currently I own Surefire U2 modded with MC-E, Solarforce L900M, Fenix TK-35, 47’s Quark Mini AA Ti #61 limited edition, UF2100 modded with 105c driver board, Solarforce L2T with M3 head (to be modded soon), a few P26 drop-ins to be finished(U3, XP-G2), couple of modded Maglites and some other flashlights not worth to mention :slight_smile:

Nice collection, I'm certainly jealous of your U2. ;) Also, I'm guessing you mean D26 not P26?

Fat fingers, you are right :slight_smile:
U2 is bored to accept 18650 - this light is a keeper for sure.


It's a pleasure to know you, sp5it!