Hello from San Francisco

How are you all? Enough lurking. I am coming out. I am a flashaholic, I am a flashaholic. Ok, I took my first step.

Welcome okyueng!

Welcome okyeung.

Aloha and welcome to BLF okyueng!

Welcome to BLF okyeung!

Welcome to. Problem is, if declaring you are a flashaholic is the first step toward a cure, coming here was a big mistake. Here your disease will be able to mature into a full-fledged syndrome. You'll find yourself lusting over small electronic parts and hunks of metal in a way Bill Clinton looks at interns.

Welcome fellow San Franciscan. Im from the excelsior. Where are you located?

Welcome to BLF okyeung! Prepare to empty your wallet...

Hi Desoto87, Richmond district near golden gate park. Fun place to play with flashlight.

Hi Wiljen, I know. But it is too late now. Every time I turn on the computer BLF is the first place I go to check to see any new review and built. I just start buying LED flashlight like 2 months ago. I have over 10 lights already. It all starts with a sipik SK68. Then some no name flashlight. Then a 7-1, small sun zy-575, Trustfire xp-e f23, coast tektorches and planning to convert my mini mag into a Match-built match-mag. Also I am looking into f15, KD c8, uf980. I think I already mature into a full-fledged syndrome.

Hi Photon 1k, I might have to start digging into my kids' college fund to support my new addiction hobby.

Welcome to BLF. Enjoy your time here...

Welcome to BLF okyeung!