Hello from Texas!

Hi all!

I found this site while searching for information about (surprise) led flashlights.

I currently own a Klarus XT-11 XM-L U2, Fenix LD22 XP-G2 R5, Solarforce L2P with HA III finish with a Lighthound Cree R5 drop in. I also just picked up a Solarforce L2-D18 2x18650 host for a Sportac XP-G2 triple.

There seems to be a ton of information here and I’m eager to learn!

welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to the forum The Hammer (Gotta love that screen name ). You have a pretty nice collection started already.

The Hammer—Welcome to BLF , have a look around ! H)

Thanks for the welcome!

I’m loving all of the valuable information here.


I was a heavy equipment mechanic for years and 99% of the problems I ran in to could be solved with a hammer so……

I’m also “The Hammer” on a couple of other forums so the Hammer Time meme is pure weak sauce at this point :wink:

Welcome Hammer, sounds like your in the right place….good start on the collection!

Hi and welcome hammer. Your not related to the copper Hammer that was on tv years ago?

hmmm Urban Dictionary: hammers

Hide your credit cards and de-activate paypal while you’re studying here…

Thanks for signing up, The Hammer!

You wouldn’t happen to be a arfcommer would you?

Howdy from H-Town :slight_smile:

His name is Jim Adler :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: (tread lightly)

Aw dang…you beat me

Welcome.. I bet you have a nice toolkit. :bigsmile:

Someone posted before, your fix also works on what I also refer to as a hobby :slight_smile:

There…I fixed it :stuck_out_tongue: