Hello from the UK!

Hi folks. Looking forward to chatting with you all! :slight_smile:

So I’m a newbie here, but I was a flashaholic back years ago. I forget exactly when…. but it was roughly from when XP-G was the new kid on the block in production lights, through until XM-L started to get popular. I was a big fan of small but throwy lights so scooped up some nice pieces with XR-E LEDs, and a few other bits and pieces, but started to lose interest becasue it seemed as though most of the manufacturers were going off down a path of sacrificing throw in order to be able to write a higher number of lumens on the box. Anyway, recently I was out camping with a few friends and someone showed me an Imalent LD70. I saw how much things have moved on since then, and now I’m back! The recent Olight store sale came at just the right time, too! :innocent:


Welcome to BLF! Everyone’s about to tell you to get an Emisar D4 v2…Just letting you know.

Welcome to BLF LED Astray :partying_face:
Don’t be fooled, the more light you put “out of the house”, the darker your wallet will be :stuck_out_tongue:

If you like throwy lights, check the Noctigon KR1 :wink:

The Convoy Z1 is a very good zoomy if you like throw and the Astrolux FT03 mini is about to come with a very throwy LED.

Welcome aboard LED Astray :smiley:


Some things never change!

Welcome along!

ps. Convoy C8+ white flat, Astrolux FT03 sst40, Noctigon K1 SBT90.2

It's nice of you to join us, LED Astray!

I like your username.

My compact thrower of choice is the BLF-D80v2.

Welcome to BLF LED Astray! It’s amazing how LEDs continue to evolve over the years.

Welcome to BLF LED astray!
Please keep away from Imalent with tgeir QC issues, go for Noctigon or Emisar.

For ultra throw in a small light, get a Lumintop Tool with Osram 1mm2

Hello neighbor on the other side of the channel.
Welcome back to the hobby.

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! I’ll be sure to check out all your recommendations…. and as it happens Th558 I had already pricked up my ears about the Emisar. I’ve been a knife collector since the dawn of time and one of my favourite reviewers did a video about it saying how you careful you have to be…. which I heard as “look how much fun you can have with it”! :smiling_imp:

Knives and torches, welcome! :+1:

Ooh, Hi Essexman! I recognise you from EM. It’s BGC_Tom here! :slight_smile:

Welcome to BLF! :+1:
You’ll probably be sorry about your wallet in no time though - lots of us are, but, well… Someone should start the flashaolics anonymous i guess. :person_facepalming:

Hiy !! Small world ! :smiley:

Hello back from the UK :slight_smile:

For small, throwy lights you’re now looking at Osram white flats, roughly speaking the 1mm squared (1mm2) is akin to a dedomed XR-E but with more power, the 2mm2 is akin to an XR-E but with muuuuch more power.
The XP-E2 is still relevant for small throwers and the SST-20 is an XP-G sized LED which comes in 95CRI flavours up to 4000K but still produces a nice pointy beam which is a bit tighter than the XP-G.

Obviously there’s a lot more going on once we start talking about bigger hosts.

I really wish Imalent would get on top of their QC issues, I had an Imalent faulty from new and know of a few people whose Imalent lights have failed, all different issues.
Saying that, I do really like my Imalent LD70, even though the 4000lm is a bit pointless, kills the battery. Fingers crossed, it doesn’t fail on me

Hi from London. anything you need, PM me mate!.