Hello from TX

Hey everybody

Just figured I would use the newbie forum first. I'm a security guard in TX, so I tend to use flashlights a bit. I also hate the dark ever since I was a child. I like making mods to lights, just to have something to do with my time. I use budget lights and components from China, because us security guards make so much money that we don't want to spend a dime of it on silly things like flashlights... Wink

I have questions about a new mod, but I will save them for the appropriate forums.

The only light I have right now is a 3AAA - Ultrafire U4-MCU with a P7 in it.


Top view

Welcome to BLF!

Hide your wallet (and try to forget your PayPal password) before it's too late!! :D

Welcome to BLF!

Welcome to BLF!

It's a nice, friendly crowd around here, so if you need help, give a shout and someone will give a hand.

What he said. I already used more dough since I became a member here then I have during the 3 years I was a member in CPF before that. Budget? Hrmph. Not if you sum all the little doo dads up ;-)

Ohh, and welcome to BLF, the friendliest most helpful forum I´ve ever been a member of :-)

Hi and welcome from TX!

Like the others said hide your wallet.

SPAM much, fistmonkey?

im not even sure thats spam, the url almost points me to believe its some phishing... ThePass4Sure ?

ok maybe not but they're still Fn annoying