Hello headlamp

Swap to FrenchI need a tip for buying a headlamp (18650)
Use mainly in lodging during my hikes (I do not walk at night)
Lamp for cooking to look for wood and spent the evening quiet.
I would like a lamp with a very wide angle and nice for the rest of the eyes with economical lighting powers for the battery .And also nice on the head.
I have to order on nkon for another material. If I could find my lamp on the same site it would be easier but it is not mandatory.
They propose,
Nitecore hc65 and hc60
H604 Xhp35
H604w Xhp35 35
H600 mark IV Xhp35
H2r nova
Armytek wizard and wizard pro
If you could give me this service it would be nice for me.
Thank you

Hi Gerard.

Zebralight makes very good (although expensive) flashlights with good User Interface (this is subjective) and very efficient (economical lighting) drivers.

The H600fc is a good choice.

f means flood, the beam is diffused so its nice and useful up-close. Disadvantage is it will not throw / shine light very far away.

c means 4000K color temperature and hi CRI.
These characteristics are the easiest on the eyes and great for cooking.

Thank you very much for your answer.
I just saw that it is exhausted on the site that I had chosen but I will consult other sites
thanks again

If you want to buy from nkon then this is in stock:


This one is every floodier, there is no reflector and the led is close to the glass.

This will give you the wider beam of all but the least throw (distance).

je vais commander
la distance n’est pas le plus important pour moi
comme je disais . la cuisine aller chercher un peu de bois .toilette…
merci à vous
I will order
the distance is not the most important for me
as I said . the kitchen go get some wood .toilette …
thank you

Comparing H600fc and H604c

The difference is in the beam profile (shape).

The H600fc although might be wider, will be very dim at he edges and bright at the center, with a gradual transition.

The H604c will have even brightness everywhere.
To a lot of people this is ideal for very close lightning because you don’t have to point the flashlight (your head) to specific angles to light up things.
On the other hand this is the least capable headlamp for seeing something further away.

Gérard, if you want to have an idea about how the beam will looks like an better evaluate the balance between flood and throw you should have a look here at the end of the list for zebralight flashlights but the H604C is not in the list, then you should also try googgle search with the “(complete name) beamshot” and “(complete name) review” and finally, eventually ask opinions in the flashlights thread on HFR forum in french, I know that some people there are using zebralight flashlights but the thread isn’t very active anymore.
Sorry if it is obvious and you already did it.

I would also recommand a floody beam with a high CRI LED for your purpose.

thanks Tally-ho.
all this is a little new to me. I’m going to explore the environment.
I return a message tonight or tomorrow to give news or to ask a new question.
thank you
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I recommend the h600fc.

Although the h604 will be wider, it will most likely blind everyone around you. Ok in solo use, but in a shared camp environment, I usually appreciate a narrower beam. The h600fc is still very floody!

I love my H602w for closeup work. It is a ‘mule,’ meaning it has no reflector. It creates a 180° wide beam.

My H602w is an older model. The H604w is the current similar model.

‘Stefano ZebraLight’ on YouTube compares different ZebraLight styles.

This video shows the differences between normal, floody, and non-reflector models:

This is an excellent point. :+1:

I use my H602w mainly when alone.

Welcome to BLF, Gérard. You will find many people here willing to help! :slight_smile:

Here is another comparison of H600Fw and H602w to show the difference between ‘floody’ and ‘mule’ ZebraLight models:

Zebralight have a good selection to choose from.

I personally don’t like 18650 headlamps on my head ,to heavy

I found smaller much more comfortable

I,m using Olight 1HR, it uses either RCR123A battery which is rechargeable from Olight MCC USB cable (included) via powerbank etc or non rechargeable lithium CR123A battery.
Just carry a extra charged RCR123A and a non rechargeable CR123A for backup
Nice floody light with TIR lens

Neutral emmiter option much preferable to cool white, I,ve heard Olight going to discontinued the neutral one for some unexplainable reason.

Good luck choosing a headlamp.

Déjà merci à vous tous, Johm , Tally-ho , Pavlo et Ghosdogit .
Je vois en plus que tout le monde est d’accord . Si Johm m’a parlé de la H604c , il m’avait proposé en premier de prendre la H600fc ( mais elle était épuisé sur mon site d’achat ) .
J’aime beaucoup la H604c mais je vais prendre la 600fc ( meilleur compromis ) .
Si mon site ne l’a pas , je la commanderai directement sur le website de Zebralight . Le transport est de 23 $ , mais la 600fc a 20 $ de solde.
Sinon elle est sur Amazon vendu par Torchlight ( mais je connais pas ).

Dernière petite question , que me conseillez-vous comme accu ?

Réponse à monkeylight
( J’avais déjà écrit le précédent ) . D’abord merci pour ta proposition . Mais il y à un problème . J’ ai une cigarette électronique .Par moment je vais marcher trois heures aller plus trois heures retour et je dois charger mes accu au village . Charger une power-bank prends beaucoup de temps par rapport au accu .
C’est vrai que le poids sur la tête risque d’être génant . Je vais quand même étudier ta proposition

Thank you all, Johm, Tally-ho, Pavlo and Ghosdogit.
I see more that everyone agrees. If Johm told me about the H604c, he first proposed me to take the H600fc (but it was exhausted on my site of purchase).
I love the H604c but I will take the 600fc (best compromise).
If my site does not have it, I will order it directly on the Zebralight website. The transportation is $ 23, but the 600fc has $ 20 balance.
Otherwise she is on Amazon sold by Torchlight (but I do not know).

Last little question, what do you advise me as accu?

Reply to monkeylight
(I had already written the previous one). First of all, thank you for your proposal. But there is a problem . I have an electronic cigarette. At the moment I am going to walk three hours to go back three hours and I have to charge my battery to the village. Charging a power-bank takes a lot of time compared to the battery.
It is true that the weight on the head risks being annoying. I will still study your proposal

I watched video and it is true that the neutral white is not bad

@Gérard, une torche frontale comme la H600W serait le meilleur choix pour toi:

Elle utilise une DEL XHP35 avec un IRC de 80+ et une température de colour simulée de 4500k, parfaitement balancée.

De plus, elle utilise une pile 18650, lui donnant l’abilité de fonctionner pendant une 1 heure à 1400 lumens stable si sa régulation thermique lui permet.

Elle a aussi un faisceau le plus approprié pour toutes les tâches.

@Gérard, a headlamp like the H600W would be your best bet:

It uses an XHP35 with a CRI of 80+ and a CCT of 4500k, perfectly balanced.

It also uses an 18650, giving it the possibility of running at 1400 lumens continously for an hour, given it doesn’t thermal throttle.

It also has a balanced beam for most use cases.

Gérard, I believe the current ZebraLight models require a ‘flat top’ 18650 battery.

A ‘button top’ battery is too long and will not fit.

Please see the difference here:

Hello and thank you BlueSwordM. I watched on youtube it is less flood. But I saw on nkon that they had the F600wf.
What is the difference between c and w?
It will be used for hiking, but mainly indoors (mountain cottage).
I want a color that does not hurt my eyes.
Maybe not the time to continue the discussion tonight. If I have no time I will come back tomorrow
thank you

Gerard, un gros avantage d’utiliser une lampe non diffuser comme celui que Bluesword a recommander (h600w), est que tu peux avoir une intensité de lumière plus élevée comparativement à la h600fw. Ca permet de utiliser la lampe sur un niveau plus bas pour une meilleure autonomie. Aussi, si tu vas faire un sport de vitesse la nuit, la h600w fonctionnerai bien. Pour une lumière diffuser, t’ajoute simplement du DC Fix sur la lentille de ver et sa donne presque la même diffusion du h600fw, mais avec le choix de l’enlever quand ta besoin plus d’intensité.

Concernant la qualité de lumière, le xhp50.2 du h600fc est un peu vert/jaune. Le xhp35 4500k 80 cri ne sera pas aussi bon a faire sortir les couleur mais est quand même très bon comparativement aux leds de 70cri, et encore plus important, le ‘tint’ du xhp35 est beaucoup mieux et neutre.

w is warm white, 4000K-4500K

c is 4000K but also high CRI

CRI is color rendering index, it will determine how well/accurate you will see colors of objects, especially the red tones.

But keep in mind that high CRI comes at a cost (energy) and is less bright at the same power consumption.