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Man, if I started this hobby at fifteen…….you’re going to have more lights than all of us. Get the king and at least you’ll have that compact, bright, cheap light checked off your probable growing list of lights you will end up buying. I own a king. I’m looking at the terminator even though I never use my king. Why? Because that is what I do.

You’ll love it. Enjoy and welcome!

It’s just that when I chose the SRK, I wasn’t expecting batteries and a charger to cost that much. Unfortunately, I am no longer getting the SRK :weary:

So you think a XinTD C8 would be a cheaper alternative?
I’ll look into that light now. Any other suggestions?

Welcome to the forum, Sean.

The cells are the one thing with which you don't want to go too budget - you probably would be best served sticking to a quality protected Panasonic- or Sanyo-based brand.

Most of the {insert name}-Fire cells are of dubious quality and overrated capacity.

Budgeting between $9-$12 per cell should score you the good stuff from any one of several recommended vendors.

Another $20 or so for a decent 4-cell charger, and you are off to the races.

I paid $36 for my SRK…. $32 For my XinTD.

Great Advice…

I recommend this if you’re not going to get SRK:

Sun ZY-T08

BLF Review


Okay thanks for the recommendations :slight_smile:

Is the Sun ZY-T08 a throwy light? I’m not looking for a particularly throwy or floody light, just sort of an all-round torch. If I had to choose, I’d rather flood over throw.

2 votes for the Sun ZY-T08!

the small sun will be a throwy light. the c8 is a good all around light in my opinion. a good mix of flood and throw, leaning slightly on the throwy side but not far

Hi Sean, welcome to BLF! :slight_smile:

You can get a black SRK, a Nitecore I2 Charger, and four Sanyo 2600mah protected batteries from Fasttech for $71.02 (US) if you use coupon code BLF.

This is the only SRK I have so can’t compare to others but I’m very happy with it. I also have these batteries; note that they’re sold in pairs. Don’t have the charger but HKJ called it “a good multi chemistry charger” in his review, so it should be OK as your first. You can get the I4 version (with four bays) for about $6 more.

ZY-T08 is a thrower. It is XML and has some flood. But it has a big head. Also takes two cells… so you start back toward the SRK in that respect.

BTW totally agreement with statements on batteries and chargers. Buy quality the first time. Totally worth it in the long run. I use a Pila IBC and highly recommend it, but there are cheaper options many around here recommend.

The C8’s I mentioned are good all-arounder type lights. 1x18650, some have 2xCR123A capability - that comes down to the driver. There are MANY brands and variations of the C8 design. (Too many if you ask me!) But for good reason, it works well. The Convoy brand ones from Fasttech are supposedly great quality, but I don’t have one [yet?]. The XinTD has been the standard for quality C8’s for a while now. I DO have one of those, T6 3C NW, 3 mode. Love it. One of my go-to lights when things go bump in the night.

The XinTD V3 C8 has a slightly deeper smooth reflector [than the Convoy and most ‘normal’ C8’s] for a bit more throw, but there is still good spill/flood. I wouldn’t call it a dedicated thrower really. It’s all relative… The Convoys from Fasttech can be had with orange peel [OP] type reflector for more even spill and flood, less throw. That might be best “all-around” beam for you, but I like the mix of throw and flood from my XinTD.

hope that helps. I was going to give you a friendly :beer: but I aint trying to catch charges LOL

Okay thanks Pulsar :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot luvlites! Didn’t actually think I could find everything that cheap. Does everyone agree with luvlites, should I go for the three things he/she linked? What’s the main difference between the gold and black SkyRay King? Also, does it actually get too hot to touch in 15 minutes, because I don’t like the sound of that. Personally I’ve got used to the fact that I’m not getting the SkyRay and it’s got some pros to it. If I don’t get the SkyRay I can get a light like THIS or THIS that will only take 1 or 2 batteries, that would be much more conveniant.

Sorry that I’m asking so many questions, it’s just that I really want to buy the right light—hope you guys can understand.

Just saw your post Haterade, thanks very much! These are all things to think about, however I just notcied that the Small Sun ZY-T08 is only about 635lm, that’s not very much is it?

If you want cheaper batteries you cant go past these.


Thanks MRsDNF! and Flomotion
I’ll probably get the ones you linked, just to save a bit of money.

Do you guys have any answers for the questions asked in my last post? :slight_smile:

ZY-T08 is the cheapest yet powerful thrower I can found in the online retailer. although using 2 batteries, it can also run on 1 battery for emergency setup. so, +1.

Pila IBC Charger also very good charger, just read the review of users, so +1 (another cheaper options is Nitecore i2).

C8 and XinTD is basically from the similar group but XinTD is more custom. If consider tight budget, never go wrong with C8 either from original ultrafire or convoy C8. If there's remaining budget, XinTD will be good for long run. so +1 for either options.

Welcome to BLF! Glad you found your way over here ;)

I have gone through three Black SRK's from FastTech. One of them was almost identical to the CNQ SRK. The differences were minor, and really no difference in performance. The two I got later, were slightly different. Aside from the fact that they didn't come in a gift box, they were absolutely fine though.

I second the selection Luvlites posted, except I suggest you spend just a bit more and get the i4 charger instead. You'll be able to charge your batteries a bit faster and if one of the channels fails, you will still have three more to work with. Definitely worth the extra expense.

Also, this may, or may not work, but you can try asking them to price match IlluminationSupply on the chargers.

Last, please don't go cheap on the batteries. It's just not worth the risk and hassle. Considering you can get four batteries for $20.96 (Protected Sanyo UR18650F, code TENOFF) there is absolutely no reason to go with xxxxFire mystery brands.

635 lumens is quite bright. It being your first true flashlight, you will be very impressed. Not the same wow effect as the SRK, but you will certainly have a bit more throw from it.


The King does get hot. Any triple emitter light will really. Its more manageable if you use low and not just high.

Don’t get too wrapped up in lumen ratings. Many of them are grossly inflated. They also tend use emitter lumen instead of out the front [OTF] which is the measurement that really matters. On top of that they just lie and exaggerate to sell.

Search around this forum and google. Watch youtube videos. They can help alot. Lumens definitely tell you something, but there is much more to it than that. Such as reflector design, reflector type, tint/color temp, etc…

Comparing the SRK to any single emitter is going to be kind of hard. Triple emitter lights like that are another class. There are many others. Some of them budget and pretty good. The SRK is just one very popular one with a unique look and layout. It is really a copy of the Nitecore Tiny Monster lights, but they say “inspired”. haha

Like I said, the C8 is an all-around light. More useful in real world use. It will get warm on high, but not like the SRK. The King, lets face it, is mostly for showing off. :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing wrong with that. I’m not bashing it. SRK/UV-S5 does make a wicked lantern standing up that is for sure!

Different C8s from varying mfrs and vendors can range from less than 10 bucks up to $30 or so for the XinTD and other quality versions.

As far as I know, there is no difference between the gold and black version other than taste, er, I mean finish. :smiley: They all are a lottery to some extent it sounds like. Good luck!

The way I see it here depending on your budget: SRK > Sun ZT-T08 > C8 Type