Hello Ladies and Gents...

Hey guys… CPF convert/newbie here.

Saw some of Vesture’s youtube vids and got me here.
Any good links on here to some you tube pages? I am starting to up my videos/post more reviews and am always looking for cool accounts to follow… Hate you “Steved” me on those Pm’s for those lights but your cb3590 video caught me slipping on my lumens brother LOL

Advanced knife bro.

welcome to BLF Reignman.

I’m not very much into video’s but BLF member mhanlen used to make nice video reviews although I did not hear from him recently ( Advanced Knife Bro on youtube).

Further, Flashaholics makes very good and entertaining video’s at the moment ( FLASHAHOLICS on youtube )


Hello Reignman, welcome to BLF.
You are not the first person from overthere who moved his seat to our fireplace :wink:

Hello and welcome to BLF.

Here is some youtube channels i add in my bookmarks since i discovered BLF, i'm sure they are others good ones but these are the one i watch(ed) the most.



Charles BridgTec

Advanced Knife Bro

Mr Baz Reviews

David Moore

Martin M4D M4X Rathmanner

ThatCrazyFlashaholic 67

Walk Into The Light


everyday survival gear

Some content to explore, i hope this help.

Thank you sir!, thanks guys :smiley:

Hi and welcome Reignman.

Welcome to BLF Reignman! I’m surprised nobody else mentioned it. A very talented member here named Old Lumens passed away a couple of years ago, but his channel is still up on Youtube. It is the Old Lumens channel. All of his old videos are still there. His mod work was amazing. There’s also a lot of flashlight reviews and some other stuff there. It’s worth a look.

BLF member TrailTrek puts out great videos.

Welcome to BLF!

It's good to have you here, Reignman!